Apr 9, 2014

deep blue walls for the mini office: one room challenge

things are progressing nicely with my one room challenge project.
this week, i got the walls painted and put together the ikea storage piece that i bought.

i usually test out 4 to 5 colors when i paint ANY room, but after seeing this sample on the wall, i was SOLD!

the color is benjamin moore's van deusen blue.

it is a deep, rich, moody blue with a hint of coolness, and i am in love.

before i painted, i put together the ikea besta storage piece that i bought for the back wall. 

i knew it was going to be an extremely tight fit and i wanted to see if i needed to make any cuts along the sides or do some sanding in order to squeeze it into place. 

indeed, it was a TIGHT fit!

so tight, in fact, that the piece will need to be raised above the baseboards in order for it to stay.
i placed some items under the legs to get an idea of how much higher i need to raise it.
i will either need to mount the unit directly to the wall, or purchase new legs that are at least 1.5" taller than the existing legs.

anyway, onto the painting!

i just love what a change the color makes in this tiny room...

one final look:

up this next week:

*hang the roman shades that i had made from a quadrille remnant that i scored on ebay
*drop off my office chair to the upholstery shop
*remove the  rust from my office chair (jenny just posted a method that i am going to try!)
*customize the storage unit--i'm going to add some hardware, and make a new top (i THINK.)

see you next week!


  1. love the color! biting my nails for the big reveal :)

  2. I love that color! Looks great with your hardwood floors.

  3. beautiful! i think it's nice that the ikea piece is such a snug fit, it makes it look built-in! can't wait to see the final results!

  4. Beautiful - your ideas are always great! One thing; if you use no side fillers because of a tight fit on the Besta unit, make sure the cabinet doors will still open when fitted (I may or may not have had some experience in that regard......!). I would hang the unit without legs (looks more s 'spacious' when cantilevered). Good luck!

  5. That is a gorgeous color! Can't wait to see it finished!

  6. Oh, I love it! We did a similar color, BM Mysterious, in our small lavatory and it's perfect. I do think dark colors in small spaces are spectacular… and yours is gorgeous.

  7. I love the dark color! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  8. Autumn, the Van Deusen Blue looks so fabulous in that small space! Gorgeous! Try using a couple of 2x4s cut to size at Lowes or Home Depot to raise up your cabinet, and then nail a board across the front of it as a baseboard. I am installing a wall of Ikea bookcases and raised them up this way. It worked out great….I didn't have to remove the baseboard from the existing wall (such a pain) and the height of the raised cabinet is perfect to run a baseboard across.

  9. This was one of the colors I had tried in a project that I'm working on but ended up going with another color, but I love this color and can't wait to see it all done in your office.

  10. The blue looks incredible!!! Love that last sneak peek!

  11. That color is gorgeous! I am going to love this color combination with the window treatment and that white chest!

  12. Love the paint color!! Can't wait to see it altogether!

  13. Absolutely LOVE that blue! If you added a little trim and baseboard the ikea sideboard would look builtin... Can't wait to see those romans!

  14. I am in love with that color, it's sooo gorge! And I think adding base boarding and making the cabinet look built in would be a great idea. It might even be the most cost effective way too! Can't wait to see next weeks updates!

  15. Awesome colour--its going to look so dramatic! Love the grey/white shades too, can't wait to see what you do next!

  16. I totally agree with you. I think I would've had doubts as well if I saw that color on the palette. Haha! But I think it looks amazing on your wall. It suits that office vibe you're trying to achieve. The color looks seriously professional! I'm glad you chose that one.

    Andy Warren @ Andy'sPainting