Apr 2, 2014

fabric frenzy

i love a good fabric.
 oooooh, i love a nice neutral pillow with a contrast welt too, but there is something about the RIGHT fabric in the right place that leaves me feeling giddy and tingly all over.

here are some fabrics that i have had my eye on lately:

these three lovelies are from a new collection from nate berkus. pretty great stuff in really beautiful, muted color ways.
 the tribal, geometric print could mix with so many fabrics.

 i am a stripe-a-holic, and have been searching for a stripe like this for a while---subtle, with a washed-out relaxed at-the-beach vibe. love it. thank you nate!

this bolder geometric would look great on a chair or ottoman!

mustard? linen? simple geometric? me likey.

this is a bit of a departure for what i am usually drawn to in a fabric, but i really think it is fabulous!
the bold colors and patterns are a but reminiscent of a favorite dragon fabric that we all know and love, but with a bit more femininity and whimsy.

i have had a thing for toiles for-ever.
mix toile and a lil' chinoiserie, and i am ON BOARD.

 yeah, i know. you are just as tired of seeing chevron as i am...but something about the tribal/washed out, relaxed feel that i am digging.

 i love how this fabric delivers a geometric punch, but has this softness to it....

 dots and neutrals. this could go anywhere!

this fabric looks a lot like betwixt, but is a spoonflower option and less pricey. 

i am starting to notice a trend here...a lot of these fabrics have a washed out, lived-in look to them!
i really love the muted blues, deep pumpkin shades and grays. so yummy!

 i have an old screen that i have been dreaming about recovering for a while. something like this fabric is just what i had in mind---it has an edge to it, but feels natural.

 the mid-century/modern vibe on this fabric is just punchy enough to add some fun to a space, but "quiet" enough that it doesn't go overboard.

ah! good old animal print! i am a true believer that mixing a little animal print into a room makes it instantly chicer.. this modified zebra in orange would look great mixed with all shades of blues, neutrals, and could be the star in an all-white room.

click here for links to fabrics!


  1. Beautiful fabrics! Where is the polka dot fabric from? Thanks.

    1. the dot fabric os from spoonflower--it is a holli zollinger fabric. the link is on my fabrics board on pinterest! :)