Apr 8, 2014

the right (and wrong) way to hang ikea ritva panels

i am about to change your life.
ok, not really.
but seriously, this is good stuff.

i recently worked with an e-design client who needed some help pulling together a music/ sitting room. she opted for the full room design consultation, and emailed me about 5 hours after receiving the design plan to let me know that she had ordered everything on the plan.
yes, everything.
wow! now THAT is commitment. (LOVE it.)

 since we were sticking to a budget, we decided to go with some ikea ritva panels instead of custom made drapes or more expensive similar options from pottery barn. she has been sending me some updates as things have been arriving, and when she has had any questions.
a few days ago, she sent me a picture to show me the trim that she had added to her ikea ritva panels.

i immediately contacted her to let her know that we needed to make some *ahem....adjustments to her drapes. she agreed to take some pictures so that i could share the before and after with you!


most people thread the rod through the pocket that is sewed at the top of the panels, which results in a gathered look, as seen above:
ALSO, the curtains are hanging IN the window, which blocks the light and makes the window look smaller. NO ES BUENO.


i prefer to thread the rod through the loops on the back, which results in a pleated look. (these loops used to be solid fabric, but are now a series of "threads" that form about a 2" wide band.)

SO much prettier!

i also had her extend her rod out a little further from the edge of the window so that the panels hang to the side and don't block as much light.
it looks SO much better, don't you think?
sometimes those little tweaks can be the difference between a "WOW" room and a "MEH." room.

just a reminder:

you are SO welcome!
(*wink, wink!)


  1. Glad to know I hung mine the right way ;) I agree though - it makes SUCH a huge difference.

  2. It makes such a difference. Love this. Great tutorial. I would love for you to link up to my ongoing Inspire Me party at http://www.astrollthrulife.net/2014/04/211th-inspire-me-tuesday.html. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  3. These are the best panels for the price. Now I want to go add some trim on mine.

  4. Love these IKEA panels, and YES they look so much more expensive when they are "pleated"! Great post to show the difference.

  5. Looks GREAT!! How do you make the loops?

    1. the loops are actually part of the curtain--they come with the loops! :)

  6. Beautifully done! How much past the window do you hang these? The difference here is striking.

    I read your blog all the time, but I have to come in through the Emily A. Clark blog. Could I get my own invite? :)