Jul 25, 2014

my new living room chairs + silk curtains

introducing....my new silk drapes and chairs!

i have slowly been working on refreshing this room...you can see previous posts about this room here and here. (and see how i transformed my planter here and how i hung my gallery wall here)

first up, my chairs...
i spend a lot of time sourcing items for clients, and, like most of my clients, i am on a budget. i decided that when i was ready to replace the annoying 10 year old leather club chairs, i was going to splurge a little, if necessary. i had been saving for a while, and i wanted to get EXACTLY what i wanted, because i knew it might be another 10 years before i got new ones!

quite honestly, my very favorite chairs were from oly studio, but i don't have 6K to spend on 2 chairs, so it came down to these two chairs from sam moore:
a: the holden wing chair
b: the azriel chair (this chair has several lookalikes, including the larkin chair from bollard designs)

sam moore offers some REALLY nice chair styles, and hundreds of fabric offerings, and, (if you find the right source), really great prices!

i decided to go with the azriel chair...i liked the slender arms and the slightly smaller scale. plus, i plan to eventually have some slipcovers made for the chair, which i will use in the spring and summer. i really like the way these chairs will look with slipcovers:

i decided to go for a simple, nubby fabric, and had narrowed down the options to either "charcoal" or  "mushroom":

i ultimately decided on the mushroom, and for the legs, i took a chance and opted for a finish called "truffle".

i am really happy with the selections i made! i love how the chairs are so monochromatic...the grayish/taupe finish on the legs really makes the chairs feel unique.

the fabric is perfect for disguising dirt and adding additional texture to the room!

and now, onto my drapes!
here is a preliminary sketch that i sent to the village workroom, where the drapes were fabricated:

the banding on the edge is dupioni silk in "celeste", and the body of the drapes is in cream matka silk (a rough or raw silk that looks similar to linen). 

the drapes arrived within 2 weeks of ordering them, but it took us a LONG time to get them hung!

i decided to go for something a little different and opted for a goblet pleat at the top---

i really love how the edge banding is a soft, shimmery, SUBTLE detail.

the room now:

i still have to strip and re-stain the side table in between the chairs and the sofa, install blinds, and get a new sofa, but besides that, this room is almost complete, until we add the coffered ceiling, fireplace, bookcases, and paint everything! 


  1. Autumn! What a gorgeous room!!! I love everything about it, the new chairs & drapes, the pairing of the tables and the beautiful planter! The gallery wall, the rug........just everything. Bravo, well done!!

  2. Love the chairs and drapes! Lois awesome! Where did you get your window hardware and those ottomans?! I have to know!

    1. the window hardware is from west elm...love it! and the ottomans are originally from JC penney, and i recovered them in a cow hide rug that i bought on ebay! there is a blog post about it here: http://mydesigndump.blogspot.com/2014/06/guess-whos-back-with-my-new-zebra.html

  3. What a beautiful room! I love the rug and was wondering if you could share where you found it? Thank you!!

    1. i bought the rug from joss and main about 3 years ago, but there are several other lookalikes available....both west elm and ballard carry herringbone sisal rugs similar to mine! you can also go to sites like rugs usa or rugs direct and search for a natural fiber rug with a chevron or herringbone pattern.

  4. HI Autumn, Does your rug have chenille woven in or is it straight sisal? It looks way softer than most I see. trying to find one comfortable for babies is much harder than I thought...

    1. the rug is jute and wool...and yes, it IS really soft! if you are looking for a natural fiber rug, jute tends to be softer than sisal and when mixed with cotton or wool becomes considerably softer. this rug is called the "elysian herringbone jute and wool rug" and used to be available on both overstock and rugs usa. unfortunately, it has been sold out for over a year.