Jul 16, 2014

neutral, masculine nursery, week 3: updating a vintage dresser

well, it has been a few weeks. again...eeek! 
if this summer were a theme park ride, it would be the fastest, curviest, craziest roller coaster of the bunch!  if you want any other explanations for my gross negligence, click here and here.

ok, where were we?
oh! thats right--the neutral, masculine nursery. 
(see our week 1 and week 2 progress!)

this week, i wanted to share a really wonderful way to update any vintage dresser and give it a clean, modern look.

my client had this dresser that was in her room growing up, and she wanted to use it in the nursery.

it was in great shape, and i knew that it could look amazing with just a few minor tweaks. 
first up: removing the hardware. 
the current hardware just wasn't cutting it.

i found this inspiration picture, and we both loved the simple, clean look of the wood dresser with the painted drawers.

 after about 3 seconds of contemplation, i picked my favorite white, benjamin moore's swiss coffee for the drawers. i also had my client fill in the knob holes on the cabinet doors so that we could install some ring pulls on the face of the door.

this is a peek after the first coat of paint:

after the second coat...

we took a while to find some hardware that we liked, and that fit the 6" spread of the previous hardware (NOT an easy task!). we ended up with some simple chrome pulls for the drawers:

and these for the cabinet doors: (i also used these in my master bathroom)

and---here is a look at the AFTER:

the room is looking fantastic! i cannot wait to share the rest of our progress with you...and i PROMISE that you will not have to wait another three weeks for the next update!

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  1. such a great update! and, such a sweet piece to include in a nursery.