Aug 5, 2014

neutral, masculine nursery, week 4: FOUR great DIY projects

sorry i have bee such a slacker this summer. i mean, i KNEW that my posting would be sporadic, but even i am a little surprised at how quickly the time has gone by and how few posts i have written! just know that a lack of positing is a result of busy, fun days with my kids!

now, in reality, it is *like week 20 of the nursery, but lets pretend it's week 4, shall we? this room is actually FINISHED, and i had the room photographed yesterday by sara boulter. i should get the pictures this weekend, and WILL have then up next week. (even though i am on vacation in florida next week! yay!)

this "week" (ha! ha!) i wanted to show y'all four very fun, very awesome projects that my client tackled for this nursery. 

lets git down to biz-niss!

PROJECT ONE: pendant makeover

SO, we took this simple, $30 pendant from home depot....

painted it black....

and used some liquid gold to gild the inside.

here is how it looks in the room!

 PROJECT TWO: converting an ikea strandmon chair into a rocker
 i found the original DIY of this project here. 

it was so brilliant, we didn't change a thing!

and...a look at it in the finished room!

PROJECT THREE: adding gold accent on ikea crib legs

this is such a easy project, and something that only takes a few minutes to do. quite honestly, it isn't one of those projects that screams "LOOK AT ME!" is a very subtle layer in the room that just makes it feel a little more pulled together.
we were also going to add some grasscloth  to the outside panels of the crib, but ultimately decided against it...sometimes budget and time constraints need to be considered. you know, that boring stuff that us normal people have to deal with!!

here is a closer look a the leg detail:

PROJECT FOUR: making a wall mounted  articulating sconce

our original thought was to buy an industrial or vintage wall mounted sconce, but we were having trouble finding one that wouldn't break the bank.

my client  found THIS genius tutorial, and used it to create her own light!

i can't wait to show you the finished project! 
i will post later this week about the art and drapes...if you follow me on instagram, you already got a peek!


  1. Fantastic! You are so creative. That IKEA hack is to die for!

  2. Everything looks so great!!!! The magic of paint!!! Leslie

  3. Wow! those are awesome diy ideas. The gold really gives a high end look. What a way to think outside the box. Love the gold gilded hanging pendant, crib legs and the task light! Oh, the rocking chair too. Lucky baby boy.

  4. Worth. The. wait. These tutorials rock!!!

  5. those are all awesome! thanks for all the links to the projects. can't wait to see the final result!

  6. Fantastic, congratulations! I love the idea house and your photos are awesome!
    Splendid Spanish Home

  7. You are AWESOME (sung in my most beautiful soprano falsetto) :-)

  8. Is the spray paint on the pendant matte or gloss black?

    1. tiffany, i believe my client used a SATIN black spray paint! :)

  9. What paint did you use to stick to the light? We bought the same set up but the paint doesn't want to stick! Thanks!

    1. for the inside, we used rub n buff, and for the exterior, a high gloss spray paint with primer. :)

  10. Was the rub n buff used for the pendant light? And if so, was it after using the liquid gilding?? For the black outer paint was it SATIN black or High Gloss w/ Primer? Really excited to try the pendant tutorial out and I want to make sure I understand. :)

    1. Im in the same boat Paola! I am finishign this project up for my nursery, baby is due in 2 weeks! :)

      I did Satin black spray paint on outside (looks great and the same) then i used the liquid leaf by Plaid, as Martha stewart's is sold out everywhere.

      I am having a little difficulty, so I came here for help. Autumn, how did you apply the liquid gilding? I let it dry for 24 hours and have come back to do another layer and it almost wipes certain spots off again. Maybe im not letting it dry enough or using the wrong application? Ive used both soft bristle brush and sponge brush.

      I am curious too, is the rub n buff used for this light and as a sealer after? Thanks for the help :)