Aug 28, 2014

boys room- design plan, TWO ways

kids rooms are often the most "all-over the place" type of rooms that i work on. what i mean is that it can be difficult to narrow down a color palette or look for the room because there are SO many fun options!

this client was looking for a "big boy" room for her young son. she wanted something that was playful, timeless and had a touch of red (his favorite color!).

i came up with two options...
as you can see from these two design plans, there are many elements that are the same, but the overall look is quite different:

which plan would your choose? the top or the bottom?

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  1. Both so cute, but I love how the bottom one has a color scheme that's alittle more "off" and unexpected. I'd go for that!

  2. The are both adorable but I like the bottom one best. Love the moon artwork and that rug.

  3. What a glamorous room! I love all of the furniture, so beautiful. I love all of your accent pieces too, great job!
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