Feb 24, 2015

before + after: red with blue family room (the power of an hour)


i had worked with this client before on their living room, and they were looking for a "refresh" of their family room and adjacent breakfast room. they opted for the pinterest board + phone call consultation.

they were wanting to update the overall look of the room, but needed to keep the major furniture pieces and wall color (for now).

what we discussed during our hour long phone call:
*replacing the chairs in the breakfast room to add some color and life
*creating stronger art layouts on both walls of the living room---adding a structured gallery wall of their favorite beaches from their travels
*replacing the rug with something more modern
*recovering the club chairs in a lighter color with contrast welt to allow a break from all of the warm/tan tones in the room
*updating the side tables and lamp
*adding some blue to the space with the beach pictures and ottomans and dining chairs


the rug really helps to break up the carpet and walls, which are similar in color. the chairs feel totally different with fresh upholstery and contrast welting.

adding blue to the room with some new pillows, ocean photos and ottomans helps break up all of the warm tones in the room!

the patterned drapes add another layer of softness to the room, and will look even more beautiful once the room is painted (a project that will be happening when they tackle an upcoming kitchen and main floor remodel).

the new dining chairs add another pop of color and interest to the rooms!

many thanks to my fabulous clients for following though on the "hard stuff" of the e-design process, (ordering items, hanging art, dropping stuff off at the upholstery shop, etc....) and for sending me after pictures and allowing me to share their before pictures!

interested in working together to refresh a space in your home?
i am now taking clients for april and have a few spaces available for late march.
email me at autumnclemons@yahoo.com to get started!


  1. Great job! I love those chairs!!! Makes me want to redo mine!!! xo Leslie

  2. Wow! The beautiful blue chairs really make an impact! I'm sure your client is very happy.

  3. Love the drapes too… they really can make such a huge difference to warm up any room. I've used contrast welting on my last few chairs and just love the effect!

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