Apr 1, 2015

one room challenge: week #1: some pretty meager beginnings for a teen's bedroom

it's here again.
the wonderful, amazing, scary, motivating, inspiring, one-and-only ONE ROOM challenge, hosted by linda at calling it home! 

here are the designers that are taking part in this round:

i have completed two rooms for the last two rounds of the challenge as a linking participant, but i am THRILLED to be included this round as a featured designer. (whoo--hoo!!)

we built our house nearly two years ago, and have been knocking projects off of the TO-DO list since then. so far, i have "finished" my my sons bathroom,  my girls leopard wallpapered bathroom,  the mini wallpapered vestibule outside of the master bedroom,  as well as the two spaces that i have tackled during the previous one room challenges.
( my husband is super handy, and has a degree in construction management, but i have found that there is nothing like the one room challenge to help light a fire under both of us and get projects DONE!)

last fall, i transformed my about-to-turn-13 year old daughters room from this:

to this:

(you can read more about this project here)

and last spring, i made over my teeny-tiny-mini office from a  bare bones dump zone:

to a storage packed, functional workspace that i adore spending time in:

(you can read more about this project here)

this spring, i will be working on my OLDER daughters room. she might have been just a little jealous about her little sisters room getting all of the attention!
YES, YES. another teens bedroom.
when designing rooms for kids, i really like THEIR personality to be reflected, so this room will be VERY different from the soft, peach, feminine feel of my younger daughters room.

here is the room now:

what it has going for it:

* it's pretty large.

* it has two great windows with stunning views of the mountains and valley below. (while i was raised in the midwest, and my adult roots are firmly set in the south, we have lived in utah for the last 6 years)

* the house is new, so there aren't any undesirable features that need to be changed. its a blank slate.

of course, like any project, there are some challenges...
like most of the world, i am on a budget, and SO, in an effort to keep this makeover from taking over my finances, i am going to attempt to transform this room by buying NO NEW FURNITURE. 
yah. you read that right.
all the major items in the room are either IN the room now, or will be pulled from somewhere else in my house.

the queen size panel bed, dresser and mirrored nightstand will stay.
the bookcase, woven chair and light fixture will go. (i actually like the light fixture but it stopped working about 8 months ago, so we are going to replace it with something else)

the bed and dresser were purchased about 8 years ago when we lived in knoxville, tennessee.  there is nothing wrong with either one of them, but if i was starting form scratch, i would almost certainly choose a different style of bed and a more funky dresser. (oh, well, actually, the middle drawer of the dresser is totally messed up from my daughter cramming WAY too much into it, and so that will be repaired, but other than that, both items are in great shape.)

the mirrored nightstand was purchased at home goods. my daughter loves all of the drawers.

now, onto the stuff that will be added:

i have had these chairs for the last 5 years. they are going to get a serious makeover:

i also have two INSANE vintage lamps that have inspired my color scheme, but need some new shades and wiring. i purchased these a few years ago at a vintage store here in salt lake city, and have been waiting for a change to upgrade them.

i will most likely pull this white storage piece from my foyer and replace the bookcase/nightstand:

the veneer is peeling up, and i may change out the hardware, but other than that, it will give my messy teen some hidden storage and won't cost me much to update!

next week, i will have a design plan ready to go, but for now, here is the basic direction i am heading in: (you can see other design plans i have created for clients here)

both my daughter and i LOVE this fabric, available at loom decor:

it will be a pretty major player in the room.

she loves blue, and since the lamps are staying, i would like to add a dash of an awesome fabric like this:

in case you didn't notice the ONE DIRECTION posters all over the wall, here is another glimpse:
my daughter is right in the middle of the "i am a teenager and must plaster everything i like on my walls" phase. instead of fighting it, i am going to make this entire back wall into a place for her to go crazy. 

anyway, hang on tight!
i know the next 6 weeks are going to zip by!
are you planning on linking up to the event? i hope so!

don't forget to spend some time checking out the other featured designers progress:
here they are:

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  1. I can't wait to see what you've come up with!
    My niece, who is almost 12, wants me to redo her room SO BAD! I finally got the okay and a budget a few nights ago from my sister, and I can't wait to get started. However, if you think that those posters on the wall are too much, you should see this girl's walls! I'm not sure you can even see the paint anymore because of everything she has taped on her walls (mainly horses!). :)

  2. Teen girls' rooms are some of my favorites ... they exude personality! It's going to be a fun, fast, creative 6 weeks! Good luck!

  3. Love your other spaces and can't wait to see this one transform!

  4. I know you are gonna WOW us with your incredible talent!

  5. Your designs are BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see how you transform this space. I am new to the ORC and will be a linking participant, as I've never really designed an entire room from scratch and shared the results with others, it's so helpful and inspiring to watch the pros do it Wednesday! Thanks!


  6. Oooh this i cant wait to see. I love those chairs and how awesome would an entire corkboard wall be!! My tweenager would love that and so would her walls. I swear no matter how many times I say "stop sticking tacks in your wall", it never happens. Cant wait to follow along

  7. I know this will look so different, and I can't wait to see how. You are such a nice mom to go with her 'hang whatever'. Why not!

  8. Super excited to follow this transformation. Absolutely loved your last two rooms!! Good luck.

  9. I know this will look so different, and I can't wait to see how. You are such a nice mom to go with her 'hang whatever'. Why not!

  10. Those chairs are going to be amazing! And I love that you are giving her a space to go nuts on the wall. Can't wait to follow along.

  11. Those chairs are going to be amazing! And I love that you are giving her a space to go nuts on the wall. Can't wait to follow along.

  12. I'm so excited to see what you do, Autumn! As I was looking back through your last ORC projects, I realized how much your work has influenced what I am hoping to do. Love, love, love! :)

  13. Agh so exciting, I cannot wait to see the finished project. Your younger daughters room came out wonderfully too. Absolutely love the blue vintage lamps, they are divine *heart eye emoji's*

    Caitriona | Blog

  14. OMG, you are amazing! I'm glad to discover your blog thru ORC, for sure will be following along your progress! I'm joining in with my nursery too tomorrow! Good luck to all of us!

  15. OMG, you are amazing! I'm glad to discover your blog thru ORC, for sure will be following along your progress! I'm joining in with my nursery too tomorrow! Good luck to all of us!

  16. So excited to see what you do!! This is so fun!

  17. I was looking through some of your finished rooms and I am so EXCITED to follow along and see what you do for this daughter's bedroom!!! Yay :)

  18. loved loved loved your last orc. and im even more in love with that manuel canovas fabric not to mention the fact were twinsies doing teen rooms! Im jelly that you have a seating area to work with my gal's room is super small. cant wait to see what you don!

  19. Autumn, I loved your last ORC and can't wait to see those vintage lamps and chairs!! What awesome finds! Have fun!

  20. Those chairs could transform any space!! Please don't do away with Harry Styles though :)

  21. Cannot wait to see what you do. I am sure it will be fabulous as always! Oddly, I am using that same Canovas in a clients daughters bedroom right now. We will have to compare notes.

  22. Drop dead gorgey plan! I absolutely love it all. Can't wait for next week!! xo

  23. So exciting Autumn! Love how you transformed the last two rooms. This one will be just as stunning, I'm sure!

  24. I always love your designs, especially the girly bedroom! Can't wait to see the transformation in this room!

  25. Your daughter's room was one of my favorites last season! Love your inspiration and can't wait to see what you do!!

  26. I adore kid's rooms, so am especially excited about seeing this!! thrilled to play along with you!

  27. Autumn, first let me say I was obsessed with your thirteen year olds makeover last ORC, def one of my favs - so crazy good! Cannot wait to see how you transform your older daughter's space!

  28. I loved the makeover you did for your younger daughter and am excited to see how this one turns out as well. I'm really interested in what fabric you will choose for her with blue in it. Her makeover also caught my eye because I am also an Autumn and my middle name is Olivia. :)

  29. Autumn, I love that you are one of the star designers this round! I'm still swooning over your younger daughter's bedroom and of course we both love the color coral! Can't wait to see how you transform this space. I have to admit I do like the light fixture even if it's not staying. Sarah, Sarah Sofia Productions