Oct 4, 2011

book mention: the meghan method

i was thrilled when i was contacted last week about my blog being mentioned in a new book by meghan carter:
she had a few pages with a list of blogs to turn to for design inspiration, and design dump was listed!

along with my blog, there were dozens of other blogs mentioned, including some of my favorites like:

6th street design school, the decorista, little green notebook, copy cat chic and elements of style.

this is a great "down and dirty" book about interior design. it's not filled with images of polished and perfect interiors, but rather it is filled with vital information on HOW to make your room or home polished and perfect. it's a very instructional and informative book. i was pretty impressed with the amount of information meghan covered in this book...everything from how to properly measure a room, to what questions to ask yourself to make sure you plan enough storage for your room, to how to draw a proper layout...
thanks for the mention meghan!
you can buy her book here.
(and just in case you do buy the book, turn straight to page 83!)


  1. Really cool AND really well deserved! Keep it up!

  2. Congrats, it sounds like a great book-and Christmas gift.

  3. That's awesome! I know you have good taste so it got me thinking, what of some other books about interior design are favorites of yours?

  4. becky, there are so many design books out there. i think the best way to find ones that you really like is to go to the books store and sit and look through a few dozen books. i personally have and love a nate berkus book, and a thom filicia book....but other books i love are the magazine "collection" books. southern living, house beautiful and elle decor all have put out these types of books. it is also nice to have a mix of books that have "basic" info on layouts/fabrics/flooring, as well as bookd that have lots of inspirational images. bonus points if the book has BOTH!!

  5. Recognition of your work, Truly beautiful work.

  6. Great news! I agree, well deserved.

  7. Catching up on your blog. Awesome!!!! :)