Oct 12, 2011

yah. that's my name.

as you might imagine, with a name like autumn, i have heard ALL the jokes, and in my head, i was always coming up with some sarcastic quip that i was too afraid to say out loud.

"autumn? do you have a sister named winter or spring?"
har. har. that's a new one. never heard that one before.  hi-----larious. comedic genius, i tell ya. 
"were your parents hippies?"
no. but we might have had cooler cars and listened to better music if they were.
"oh...it's summer...does that make your name summer now?"
if i say yes, will you go away?

(hmm... that last one was kinda mean, non?)

some people have a really hard time remembering autumn.
i get called "amber" ALL the time, but also "august", "april" and "spring".
i have actually stopped correcting people.
if it starts with an "a" or has anything to do with the seasons, a color, or the weather, i'll respond.

not surprisingly, autumn is my favorite season. and not just cuz it's my name...
but for reasons like these:



and, in case you were wondering...YES, i was born in autumn.
october 12th, the be exact.


  1. A-
    You are a kindred spirit. When I worked outside the home and answered my office phone, I would always get called something else: Nancy, Sandy, Diane, etc. My favorites were Anne (at least the caller was half listening when I answered), and Antsy (this is a name?! I wanted to respond with, "I can be at times, but my parents didn't make it my moniker.") ;) I agree--holidays aside, Autumn (specifically October) is my favorite time of the year too.

    Happy birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday Autumn - take a moment and enjoy the day.

  3. happy Happy Bday to YOU!!! I love your name and it is a perfect time of year to be born. My bday is tomorrow!! xo Kathysue

  4. Happy Fall, Autumn. I love your name and hope you have a spectacular birthday.

  5. Happy birthday Autumn. I love your blog...so inspiring. Enjoy your special day.

  6. Happy Birthday girl! Your blog is such an inspiration! Have a great week :)


  7. Happy Birthday! Such an adorable post today :) You celebrate life's little joys in the cutest, classiest ways!! And birthdays ARE a joy!! (if for no other reason than there is cake with your name on it!) Have such a happy day, and look for a little gift from me in your email soon ;)

  8. Happy B-day! It's a beautiful fall day--hope yours is terrific!

  9. May God bless you on your special day, Autumn! Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday! I think it's a beautiful name and Autumn is the best season.
    Where did you find the striped boat neck shirt in this post? Love it.

  11. happy birthday, amber! i mean... autumn :)

  12. Happy birthday Autumn hope you have a great day. Autumn is my favorite season and the name of one of my favorite bloggers!

  13. You sneaky girl! Popping in that birthday at the end!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  14. Happy Birthday! You crack me up August : ) Hope your day is full of wonderful blessings and good cake! Enjoy it! xo

  15. Happy birthday! My name I April and I get called amber and Rachel a lot. And I've heard ALL the smart jokes!

  16. AHHH HAPPY BDAY TO YOU! love your name! it's fab! have a great day!

    ashley over @

  17. Happy Birthday!! Loving your blog and oh... Thank you so much for the link back of my flowers!!!

  18. thank you THANK you for all the birthday wishes! the days was great...lunch and shopping with an old friend...dinner out the the family, and i got the catch up on some tv shows. NO housework...yay!
    oh, and i know someone asked about the striped shirt...old navy has some just like it right now!

  19. These images are amazing. Especially love the chocolate velvet with the silverware. And I can totally relate with Mandi (yes my parents were totally feeling the 60's when they came up with my name). I keep trying to picture a 75 year old "Mandi with an i." And if I hear one more reference to the Barry Manolo "Oh Mandi" I think I'm going to hurl! But, we don't get to choose our names! BTW, Happy belated Birthday to you. I look so forward to reading your posts! Keep up the great work! M.