Oct 27, 2011

trick or treat at my house + 3 halloween printables

i like halloween. a lot.
i think that's because i like candy. a lot.
 one of the things that i have always loved to do is to give away treat bags to trick-or-treaters. sure, it takes more time and a bit more cash than just handing out a single piece of candy, but it is something that i really enjoy doing! two years ago i made these, but this year, i decided to hand out something a little easier to throw together...full size candy bars with my customized printable wrappers.

these wrappers are made for the full size candy bars. 

the "from" area on the back is helpful if you plan to give out the candy bars at a party or a school or church function.

i bought my candy from costco in a variety pack,  which contains hersheys bars, hershey almond bars, reeses peanut butter cups and kit kat. i got 30 bars for just about $17. i bought two packs.

each printable can be printed out, cut and then you can use tape or a glue stick to attach the back together.

click below to download:

happy halloween!


  1. Aww! So cute and fun!!! You must live in a quieter neighborhood than I do ~ we regularly get 300+ kiddos! LOL!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely going to use your wrappers!

  3. hi autumn! speaking of costco. . . i was just there this morning and saw a new mag on the magazine stand there. it's called "mingle" and i think you would really like it. you're the best! --trissy stbawden@msn.com