Oct 19, 2011

ikea favorites

i spent a good portion of my day yesterday strolling around ikea. usually when i go to ikea, i am in and out in less than 30 minutes. impressive, i know. i usually only have a few things i need to get, and i walk in with a list and my game face on as i zip through the aisles.
yesterday, i took my time. went and walked around the showroom for the first time in two years. ikea does a brilliant job of staging their showroom.i found myself wanting to linger and touch everything!

here are a few of my favorite things from ikea:

ektorp upholstery.
the classic, traditional shape of this line is clean and simple, and the slipcovers are available in a lot of colors. you can get a couch, a chair, a love seat and a sectional  in this line.

merete panels. 
at $29.99 for a pack of two, these grommet topped panels are a budget shoppers dream. the texture is great, and the fabric hangs nicely. these are available in bleached, beige, brown and purple.

eivor throw.
i fell head over heels in love when i spotted this! it is already gracing the sofa in a local clients home.
sometimes throws may look great online, but then they feel cheap and scratchy in person...this throw is soft, has a nice weight to it and doesn't feel cheap...and it's only $19.99.

sanela cushion cover.
the oblong shape and velveteen fabric make this a very versatile, affordable ($7)  addition to any pillow arsenal. to dress them up, consider adding greek key trim. it is available in 5 colors.

besta burs desk.
i love the long, lean shape of this desk. it's great for those tight spaces, and fits a laptop or an imac perfectly. available in high gloss red, black, grey and white.

barometer lamp.
i use this classy little task light pretty often in my design plans. it looks much more expensive than it's $49.99 price tag, and the shape is reminiscent of a vintage architects lamp.

foto pendant.
simple. affordable. packs a visual punch. what's not to love?

koldby cow hide rug.
you won't find a more affordable cow hide rug anywhere. trust me, i've looked.
(if you do find one, let me know! please??)

ribba frames.
for real...who doesn't love these things? the price and selection alone are what often bring me to ikea. i know i can count on sturdy, good looking frames in a variety of great shapes and sizes. i picked up 3 yesterday!

plastis dishwashing brush.
i know...weird pick.
but i really love these! they are soft, work well, and wash up nicely in the dishwasher. and at only .99, i don't feel bad when it's time to "retire" one.


  1. I pick up at least 10 Ribba frames each time I make it to IKEA (the closest one is 5 hours away so I only get there once every 2 years or so!). I'm dying for that desk lamp though! Great finds!


  2. those window panels are a steal...reminds me that i need some!

    ashley over @

  3. It is such a long drive to Ikea that we rarely (as in every few years) go. Too bad! And of course when I DO go I'm tempted to buy too much....

  4. I hate to be a Debby Downer but...I find the ektorp sofa sits too low & the seat depth is too shallow. Maybe if you are just starting out and need an affordable sofa, it would be OK.

  5. Love Ikea - I was at the Dubai location yesterday. I've had the sofa, drapes, frames and pillows. Can't beat it!

  6. Love these picks! I get overwhelmed in Ikea but having a few things to look for makes it easier to make it in and out in good time.

    Sure love the price of the ektorp....pricing sofas today - ouch!!!!!

  7. I went to take a look at the ikea throw you mentioned. Big frowny face... It is not black and white but Black and ivory! Sigh...I wish companies would take accurate pictures and descriptions of their products. I hate black and off white or ivory!

  8. oh..i should have mentioned that it was black and off-white. sorry!!
    i actually think it makes it look really nice being in black and ivory, but i understand that if you are looking for something black and white, it would be a bummer.

  9. Love the barometer lamp and dish scrubbers...new finds for me...thanks, Autumn.