Jul 17, 2012

barclay butera in park city

this past weekend, i was able to visit the barclay butera showroom in park city.
barclay butera is a designer known for his livable and beautiful interiors, and has showrooms in los angeles, new york, west hollywood, newport beach, and...park city.

i loved walking around the showroom, and taking in all the pretty details and layers.

i really love menswear-inspired fabrics used in interiors, and i was completely gaga over this bed.
the large scaled tufted headboard, mixed with the grey wool pinstripe, check and the giraffe print??


the pillows were all SO soft. of course i had to touch them!
don't you love these two fabrics together? they make me happy.

this vignette had so much texture and interest....the map in the background is gorgeous establishes a neutral and graphic backdrop to the textured lamps, the wood accessories, and black chest.  the patterns on the sofa are prefect. LOVE that pop of orange.
oh...and take a look at the zebra ottoman and the striped rug. what a fun mix of colors and patterns...proof that animal prints REALLY are neutrals.
i will never, ever get tired of seeing a zebra ottoman.

what a great lamp. i love seeing natural elements with the volume turned up a bit.

more fun details.

i love to mix graphic prints and stylized florals.
the combination here was so pretty.

the cut velvet is textural and graphic and plays so nicely with this pillow.

another fabulous bed.
look at all that detail and texture!
i am dying over the cable knit blanket and the pom fringe on the edge of the zebra pillow.
oh---and  the contrast welting on the other pillows.
i can't get enough of contrast welting.

another cut velvet chair with a patterned pillow.

classic, timeless elements like blue and white pottery, a wood table and orchids work so 
well together on this tablescape. super pretty!

you can read more about barclay butera here, and see a few of the publications that have featured his work here.


  1. I am completely smitten with his designs - chic, masculine and stylish!!

  2. It was fun to read this post. Of course I follow you on Pinterest too so I see frequent images of fabulous home decor, but your blog is great because I love to read about why you like them. I learn so much from you. Thanks for being awesome.

    1. thanks jessica!! how sweet! thanks for being awesome and following me.