Jul 31, 2012

using a mirror as a ceiling medallion

as i was working on the design of my clients formal dining room, 
this image got stuck in my head:
i loved how the window was trimmed out to look like a sunburst mirror, and asked my client if she could keep her eyes open for a mirror with a similar look that we could use on the ceiling in place of a standard medallion...

(i found plenty online, but they were all over $125, and i figured we should try to find one as inexpensively as possible since we were going to be painting it and taking it apart!)

here is how it looks installed:
she simply removed the mirror, painted it the same color as the ceiling, and installed it around the mounting plate of the chandelier.

here is a peek at the room "in progress"--
(isn't the grass cloth perfect?)
 as you can see, we swapped out the chandelier in the original plan due to budget.

still to be added:
-art around the mirror (see design plan inspiration)
-large abstract art installation on the side wall (not seen in these pictures)

this is a very easy diy project that can be done by anyone, but instantly adds another
layer or texture and interest to a room. this treatment would look great in a kids room, or formal living room, or even a mudroom or breakfast room. for a larger impact, you can paint the mirror/medallion a different color than the ceiling.

and...just because i know you are curious--
a peek at the adjacent foyer.
( the table under the mirror still needs to be purchased...)

don't you love her mirror?
my client and i knew we were design soul mates when i posted my mirror makeover just a few days before she emailed me for the first time!
i will be showing you other rooms of this house as they are completed.


  1. Such a cool idea. Very creative!

  2. love it! I would even like it left in the wood finish (in the right space.)

  3. I love the medallion. I really like the interesting shadows it casts!

    Where did the grasscloth come from? I was just thinking about using something like that for a client of mine in her bedroom but don't have any sources for it.

    Thanks and keep up the beautiful work!


  4. You are a freakin' genius. I love this idea, and it looks so good in the space. Also, are you willing to say where your client got her entry light? I really love it.

  5. I'm in love! I've always dreamt of having something related to this

    -Solomon Berkovitch