Jul 23, 2012

newest affordable finds

a few of my latest, greatest affordable finds:

this $277 ottoman has been on my affordable finds pinterest board for a while, and i really love it. the metal base and the neutral, tufted top make it look like a high end piece.

i really love this lenox 2 drawer nightstand. the campaign detailing on it is really fabulous, and i think it would look even more chic if it was painted (like here). priced at $279

mixing metals into a room adds another layer of texture. tables are a great way to add some touches of metal, and this table is so well priced, it is hard to resist! $99.

at just $77, this capiz chandelier would be a fun addition to any space needing a decorative light fixture with some fun texture.

happy shopping!


  1. Love the metal table!! Thanks for sharing your finds!!

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  3. Love that chandelier! Quite unique and fun..also that cute little table. Nice finds!

  4. That little table is a great deal...and a pair of those light fixtures would be fun in a bath.