Jul 9, 2012

a walk through watercolor

while we were in florida, we were just a few miles away from watercolor, a planned beach community. it is adjacent to seaside, ("the" prototype for these planned beach communities which have been popping up along the gulf coast) which i blogged about here.

it is much larger than seaside, and encompasses not only a main street shopping area, but also several distinct "neighborhoods", a hotel, a beach club, several pools, lakes/boathouse, and another shopping area off a nearby road with more restaurants and a grocery store.

bike paths and lushly landscaped islands break up the road and add to the appeal of watercolor. it was such a pretty place to walk around...a little dose of heaven for architecture and design lovers.
we walked around watercolor right after we checked out of our beach house, and were headed to alabama. even though it was perfectly wonderful weather the previous three days, this particular day was when the humidity rolled in. it was HOT. we probably would have spent some more time strolling around, but the heat and humidity stopped us!

a shot looking toward the beach club. i LOVE the checkerboard concrete walks!
the entire area is covered with them. i think they add a sense of tailored whimsy.

the subtle color scheme on this building was so pretty...the neutral with the soft blue and the grey stained ceiling are so coastal and sophisticated.

i am a sucker for pots spilling over with foliage and industrial lights....

a fountain near an outdoor restaurant, just across the street from the beach club, hotel, and shopping area.

the clock tower.

looking across 30-a towards the beach club and shopping area.

again, i love the checkerboard concrete, the simple plantings and the subtle coastal  color scheme.

a look at the landscaping along one of the main pedestrian areas/parks.

check out the columns on this house!
totally huge and gorgeous...

the shutters are actually fully operable and are folded back on themselves. the teak chairs, lanterns, exposed porch joists, and "x" detail over doors are all so pretty.

beach house color scheme perfection! i also love all of the rosemary in the front of these houses.
it is so fragrant, and has such a great texture.

LOVED this detail! 

a fireplace stack covered in oyster shells. don't the grey tones of the shells look beautiful against the soft blue of the siding? *sigh.

pavers, industrial sconce, and detailed wood garage doors. LOVE.

the details on the side of this house make me HAPPY.

a little touch of blue in the eaves here...love that nod to the beach without going overboard.

have you ever been to this area and stayed in watercolor? have you visited? any suggestions for newbies of things not to miss? any local favorites close by?
do tell...


  1. Go eat at The Red Bar down the road in Grayton Beach (cash or check only). Also, head east a few miles on 30A and visit Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach. If you love architecture, you will love both of those communities.

    1. thank you emily! we plan on coming back here next summer, so i will have to check out the red bar! i LOVE rosemary beach....we got to walk through it about 7 years ago when it was first being developed, as well as last year when we were here. i would love to stay in either lays beach or rosemary beach one day, but for now, our budget is keeping us in other areas. of course, the beach looks the same no matter where you are in the 30-a area!!