Aug 28, 2012

weekend in bend: part 1

if you have been reading my blog for a while, then you know that my husband and i get away every year for our anniversary. these trips have been everything from a single night to a 12 day adventure. we usually opt for a stateside town that we can easily explore in 2-3 days. a few places we have been to include savannah georgia, charleston, seattle, and kennbunkport maine, but we have also ventured to mexico, the florida keys and maui. 

this year, we had family in town around our anniversary, and so we put off planning something until after the kids went back to school...or so i thought! on thursday evening, my husband surprised me by handing me a suitcase and telling me i had 10 minutes to pack---- that we were heading out the door to drop the kids off at my brothers house (a 5 hour drive away in boise), where we would spend the night. from there, he and i were headed to central oregon to spend a couple of nights in bend, oregon.

i have never been to oregon before,  (well--not on PURPOSE. i think i grazed a corner of it once on my way to washington!) and the first 5+ hours from boise to bend were much drier and ummm..."empty" than i imagined. i thought the entire state would be covered in pine trees! of course, the closer we got to bend and the cascade mountains, the more oregon started to look like the oregon of my imagination.

the town of bend is completely charming. we stayed at the oxford hotel, in downtown bend, which was nestled right in the heart of hundreds of boutiques, restaurants, salons, and specialty shops, ALL within walking distance.  also within walking distance is a beautiful riverside park with pedestrian bridges, walking and biking paths and a slew of beautiful historic homes. (more on that tomorrow)

want to see a snippet of our weekend? (ok...really, there are a slew of shots of the hotel, cuz it was pretty cute.) 

the hotel--the oxford in downtown bend, oregon.

 our room:
it had a tiny balcony and a kitchenette (which we never used), dining area and seating area.

cozy bed, and tall tufted headboard.

really liked the concrete counters in the kitchen--i would love to have concrete countertops somewhere in our next house. 

overall, i really liked the textures in the room. the metal "wood" table was my favorite thing in the room. white leather is not really my thing, but i think it looks great here.

 the bathroom.

hello, lamp! i like you UH-lot.
isn't the mix of the lamp and the wood slices mirror great?

 the halls were covered in  this subtle metallic leather-look wall covering. the stitching detail on it was gorgeous!

 aren't these sconces great?
i adored them!
the contrast between the sconce and the wall covering behind it is really fabulous.

 the lobby. the most striking feature is the branch like chandelier...more like a sculpture.

 the seating area.
love the simple concrete fireplace and the green shag rug.
the mix of wood, metal, concrete tile, and leather is really beautiful.
there is a theme of wood--branches, stumps, wood slices, faus bois...and it adds a lot of character to
all of the spaces--the halls, the rooms, and the lobby.

another small seating area.
the metal stump table and large floor lamp made me smile every time i walked past them.
also notice the contrast welting on the chair.
i am a HUGE fan of the trim on the lampshade as well!

a close-up of a wall sconce.

a peek behind the registration desk. love those little wood slice mirrors....

* i can highly recommend this hotel!
not only is the style factor pretty great, but the location is perfect, and the staff were some of the friendliest we have ever encountered. we ordered breakfast from the hotel restaurant, and it was really good! i would definitely stay here again.

i will back back tomorrow with some more pictures of our little getaway!


  1. Fun to see! I live in Portland, OR and my parents live in Bend! We are lucky to have such a fun place to visit - often. We are headed there this weekend, so much to do, wonderful restaurants and shops! That hotel is relatively new - I have not seen the inside - gorgeous!

    1. oh, lucky lady! i would really love having an excuse to visit bend again! we were so impressed with the town...almost like something out of a story book. SO cute. i was amazed at how may yummy restaurants there were, all within a mile of downtown. you should take a peek at the hotel--and be sure and visit 10 below in the basement...yummy food and more great decor!

  2. What a fun surprise! Bend is really really hubs' grandparents lived there for years. And oh my gosh, the metal stump table in your room is awesome! I love how this hotel captured the "rustic, woodsy" look in such a glamorous way. Looks like y'all had a great trip!

    1. lucky you! i would love to have family as an excuse to go back to bend over and over.
      we would have loved to hang out for another day or two, but we had to get back to our REAL lives.