Aug 14, 2012

design plan: casual, eclectic family room

a look at the idea board for a design plan for a client that wanted a casual and eclectic space for her family to hang out in. she was in LOVE with celerie kemble's hot house flowers, and wanted to use it as inspiration for the color scheme. here is the plan i pulled together for her:

and, for the first time on my blog, here is a look at another page from the full room design---
(which includes a floor plan, extensive notes, wall decor/styling inspiration, selected wall elevations,
a one hour phone call and all information that you need to transform your room on your own!)

summer is coming to an end, and i will be taking clients for full room designs starting the beginning of september. 
later this week i will be posting before and after/progress pictures of this space! it looks so great, and i am really proud of the work my client has done so far!

interested in working together to create a more beautiful and functional space?
email me at, and lets get started!

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