Aug 16, 2012

before + after: e-design-casual, eclectic family room

as promised, here are some progress pictures of the family room that blogged about earlier in the week.
 as you can see, the room already had a lot going for it---it is spacious, gets a lot of light, has a fireplace centered on one of the walls with matching bookcases flanking it.

a few things that were not changing:
1. the paint color--the walls had recently been painted, and the color was great.
2. the basic layout of the furniture.
3. the sofa, dresser and chairs were staying, as well as the great brass lamp.
a few things we wanted to address:
1. the room needed more seating.
2. the wall along the back of the room felt neglected and needed to be dressed up (and that that return air vent was an eyesore!)
3. the bookcases needed to become more of a design feature.
4. the window needed to be softened with some drapery.
5. the fireplace needed to have more interest, as well as the wall above the dresser.
6. the homeowner wanted to add some color

(a BIG thank you to my client for taking these great photos and sending them to me!)
changes to note:
-added two large slip covered chairs for additional seating. the nesting tables in between them really round out the grouping.
-darker paint added to the back of the bookcases, new styling there as well
-bright pops of color in new pillows
-a new side table and lamp help connect the sofa to the chairs, which helps control the traffic flow around the other side of the room
-new styling over the mantle and the dresser

this wall is my favorite thing in the room!
 what used to be a blank wall is now a great space to showcase the homeowners collection of vintage art...and that return air vent was painted so it blends in with the wall! (sometimes it is those little TINY changes that can really make a tremendous impact!)

of course there are a few more pieces of the puzzle yet to be put in place--
some drapes made from an off-white and blue cheetah print will be hung soon, a small metal side table added in between  the woven chairs, and a pair of ottomans will be placed in front of the fireplace.

i am so pleased with how well the room looks, and i think my client did an amazing job of transforming this room by following the full design plan that i worked on for her.
a win-win situation for the both of us!

**to see more photos of this space with a few more details finished, click here.


  1. It looks amazing!! I love all the pillows.

  2. Autumn, Great job, love the transformation!

    Denise Briant
    Design Savvy of New Jersey

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