Aug 17, 2012

a day at thanksgiving point

summer is winding down, i am trying to cram as much fun as i can into next 2 weeks.
the kids and i have spent a LOT of time at the pool this year, but we have also been on quite a few little adventures--(we try to do something "big" each week.) 
earlier this week, we ventured to thanksgiving point...
for those of you who have never heard of thanksgiving point, it is a fun destination with a tons of things to do---it has a museum (one of the best in the state!), an imax theater, extensive gardens, a petting zoo, a golf course, an amphtheater, a great emporium, a cafe, ice cream parlor, several other restaurants, and more. there are summer camps available for kids, gourmet cooking classes,  floral arrangement  and gardening classes, numerous concerts, and during the holidays, they have a fantastic light display. 
it kinda has UH--LOT of stuff to do. 
it is located about 20 miles south of downtown slat lake city, and is almost 
impossible to miss from the freeway!
here are some pics from our visit:

 (aren't these gorgeous??)

 loved the potted boxwoods too...

 a peek at a corner of the HUGE gardens...

 LOVED these lanterns.

i should consider this a triumph....ONE of my THREE kids is actually looking at the camera and smiling. not a small feat. 
(PS--my oldest daughter is now OFFICIALLY the same height as me! if i weighed 50 pounds less, 
we could share clothes. i am sure she would be THRILLED about that! )

a look inside the emporium....this place has everything...home decor, an adorable toy and candy shop,
"made in utah" goodies, jewelry, clothing, bedding, bath products...

 loved this display!

after we strolled through the emporium, we stopped and got a bite to eat at the cafe:

we also MAY have ordered a few of these...

we had a great time! we will most likely go back later in the month before school starts...we wanted to see the museum, but it was SO crowded, so we are going to wait until a few other counties are back in school so that there will be fewer people. 
i hope you enjoyed the mini-tour!


  1. I have read your blog for a very long time and I have never commented. I love your style! I have to tell you that I am very familiar with Thanksgiving Point! One of my daughters is one of the Events Managers there and another one works in the Deli as a summer job. I have a booth at the Farmer's Market held each Friday July through September. In fact, it is right next to that gorgeous flower urn in your third photo! I sell handmade aprons and crocheted goods. I love it there! I must say, my daughter does an outstanding job with the evens as does the rest of the staff! Glad you like it there so much!

  2. Oops! That first comment is from me! My son was signed in and I missed it!