Nov 7, 2012

south of the border

guess where i will be the rest of the week?
yep. thats right.
south of the border....
i am getting away for a girls weekend in sunny mexico. yeee-haw!
(a HUGE thank you to my sweet husband, who just may be the worlds greatest dad. 
not only does he coach almost all of my kids sports teams, he is the family safety "enthusiast" and is that dad that makes everyone laugh and feel at ease. he is taking off some time from work this week to be mr. mom so i can get away. oh, and on top of that, he has spent 40+ hours over the  last two weekends at our new house/lot doing manual labor. love that man!)

in addition to beautiful beaches, and tons of culture, mexico is also home to some pretty amazing design. take a peek inside the celeste teahouse, located in mexico city, mexico:

aren't you in love with the striped tiles?

another source of fantastic design is the mexico based husband/wife design team behind casamidy.
i have been in LOVE (deeply and madly) with everything that casamidy produces for YEARS now.
i wrote an extensive post on them a while ago, which you can read here, but here are a few of
their gorgeous items that i would love to sell my car to buy:

 (oh what i wouldn't give to have one of these hanging in my new house!)

 (i'll take 6 of these too!)

 (ok, and this too.)

you can see more here.

adios amigos.
be back soon!


  1. Adios! You do have a good man there! Love the stripes.

  2. I love how travel can provide all kinds of design inspiration! Enjoy your get-away!