Nov 28, 2012

construction progress week 5

we just officially finished week 5 of construction, and a lot has been done so far! the entire main floor is framed and the second floor is not far behind.

here is what has happened in the last 2 weeks:

the entire second floor was decked and a few exterior walls have been framed and one has been erected...he's a little lonely right now, but hopefully by the end of the week, he will have
some friends.

the rest of the  walls were added to the main floor...this is a view looking into the master bathroom from the master bedroom.

from the kitchen, looking into the dining and living rooms.

we can now see all of the rooms and their sizes. this is a view from the front door.

headers over doors were framed. cased openings were set.

gravel was dumped and shoveled into the garage and basement, in preparation for the concrete slabs to be poured later this week.

unfortunately, our framers had another job they had to do, so they stopped working early last week and will not be back until the end of this week. i can't wait until the stairs to the basement are framed! this monstrous hole is about to give my husband and i a heart attack!


  1. Its going to be so beautiful! Congrats to you!



  2. Looking fabulous! Are you loving the room sizes now that you are able to walk around in the home?

    1. kelly,

      yes! it is really great to see the room sizes. the spaces that i knew would be small (my office, the mudroom) don't feel quite as small as i thought, and the larger spaces feel just right. i am so excited to see the second floor go up as well.

  3. It is coming together beautifully! I am so excited for you!