Nov 13, 2012

sun + snow

well, i am back. it was a very lovely trip full of sun and laughter and great memories. it was nice to relax and (almost) completely unplug from life. we stayed at a resort just south of cancun, in a little area called puerto morelos. it was really beautiful and uncrowded and serene, and perfect for a girls getaway.

i left sunny mexico sunday morning, and arrived in salt lake city later that evening to a LOT of snow...more snow than we have seen in a couple of years. (the framers measured 21 inches)
because a lot of leaves were still on the trees, there are broken tree limbs everywhere!
 the snow has slowed down the framers a bit. they spent nearly all day yesterday shoveling snow out of the house so they could continue to work. by the end of the week, we SHOULD have some walls on the second floor up, and maybe even a few of the roof rafters in place. i am not getting my hopes up though...i know the cold weather and the snow will make things tough.
still, things are moving along faster than i expected, and i am pretty darn thrilled!

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