Nov 6, 2012

construction progress:week 2

it is hard to believe that we just finished our second week of construction on our new house!
a lot happened last week:

 at the end of last week, the foundation walls were in place, and the framers were scheduled to start on monday.

 seeing the framing start was so exciting!

 they started in the basement, with the bearing walls and the stair well.

 and then the joists were laid and the decking went on.

 the foundation walls were waterproofed...

the footing drains were installed...

 and the areas around the foundation, as well as the garage were backfilled and compacted.

 the window wells went up over the weekend...

 and a few walls that were laid out on friday...

were put up yesterday! it was SO thrilling to pull up to the lot and see the walls up.
we have been officially under construction for 16 days, and i am pretty amazed at the progress.
of all of the phases of construction, my favorite is the framing and the drywalling, because such HUGE visual changes take place.
i am actually going to be out of town at the end of the week, so i am going to miss some of the progress....but since i will be sitting on a beach with a book, i suppose i will manage!
more on my trip in a bit...

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