Jan 6, 2013

construction progress: weeks 8-10

first of all, let me aplogize for the long delay since my last post. i usually slow down on the blogging and design work during the holidays, but this year, just as i was gearing back up, my son came down with the flu...and then by the next day the rest of us were sick as well. r-e-a-l-l-y sick. (and in addition to all of us getting the flu, we also got to deal with a bout of the stomach flu, a case of bronchitis and a sinus infection! BLECH.) honestly, the last 7 days have been a nightmare. after what my family and i have experienced over the last week, i will definitely be getting us all a flu shot next year! i seriously feel so blessed that we are all on the mend...and also really grateful for tamiflu and antibiotics!

anyway, the house is coming along. things sloweded down a bit because of christmas and new years, but all in all, things are rolling right along!
here is what has been going on:

the framers worked more on the rafters.

isn't this a great shot? this was taken at sunset when the rafters on the main part of the house were going up. it was so magical to finally stand upstairs and see the view through our future windows! the two larger windows on the left belong to my older daughters room, the small square window will be where the bathroom will be, and the windows on the right will be in my sons room.
more rafters were installed.

once the rafters were in place, they started installing the sheathing for the roof.

then they finally started on the area over the garage.
here is a back/side view of the house. the area over the garage will be a bonus room for the kids to play and a possible future office or bunk room.

once the roof was mostly complete over the main part of the house,  the framers started working on the inteior walls of the second floor....

...as well as the ceilings. 

on the weekends, my husband was working on building the massive retaining wall in the back yard.
about halfway through the month, the weather finally became too rough to work in. he is going to come back to the retaining wall once the snow melts a bit.

when it wasn't snowy, it was  muddy...

more walls went up on the upper floor.

ted, our framer, measuring the height of some pony walls in the bonus room.

the framing for the dormer in the bonus room starts to take shape.

it is so exciting to look up the stairs and see walls!

and finally, the roof is almost complete, and the entire second floor is framed! 

just for fun---here is a peek at the rest of our month:
(you have probably seen most of these if you follow me (autumnclemons) on instagram)

my daughter olivia spotted her favorite author, brandon mull in the food court at city creek. we stalked him and asked to get his picture with her. if you haven't read his fablehaven series yet, you should! i loved them just as much as i liked the harry potter books! great stuff....

christmas booty. my husband is the best!
 i am loving my new iPhone 5! the camera is awesome.

a visit to see the lights downtown and do a little shopping....

loved it. we also saw les miserables, and i loved it as well. but honestly, i am a total nerd about the lord of the rings, so i have to say i liked the hobbit more!

thanks for your patience! the selection process has been kicked into HIGH gear, and so i have a lot of posts coming up about what i am doing in the house!


  1. Well you are not alone. We were also all very sick over the Holidays, and I'm barely starting to feel like myself again. I'm so glad you are all feeling better. I'm off to see the Hobbit tonight! I can't wait. Your home looks like it's coming along beautifully.

  2. So sorry you guys were all sick! No fun at all!

    So exciting to see the updates! This home is shaping up to be stunning! Can't wait for more!