Jan 29, 2013


dear mother nature,

i didn't complain a bit when you decided to rain on my wedding day, but *this* has got to stop!
(i'm trying to build a house here!)

first, it was a LOT of snow...

 and then FOG...(and weeks of inversion)

 and freezing temperatures....

and THEN ICE??? (you really outdid yourself with this one. it was a doozy!)

 and now MORE snow....

 dont we already have enough??

 my poor house is getting buried!

 please make it stop! (no pun intended.)

 the forecast isn't boosting my mood at all.


i can't take much more. and i think i speak for everyone in the entire state of utah.



  1. Sounds like you need a little personal vaycay to AZ!

  2. WOW!

    Now I feel kinda wimpy for complaining about highs in the low 60's a week ago - I think you just illustrated all the reasons why I moved to Florida!

    Hopefully some warmth & sunshine are headed your way soon.

    1. thanks cheryl!
      i am dreaming of being in florida right now. i would trade humidity any day over snow and ice.

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  4. It was 76 in GA today. Felt like early summer. All of my Utah FB friends are sharing your same feelings. :(

    1. ack! i am so jealous! most of my family lives in tennessee, and they keep telling about their perfect weather. i will just make sure i call them in august and let them know how perfect the weather is here. :)

  5. As an Australian reading your blog, who has never experienced falling snow, I think your house looks absolutely beautiful buried in snow! I can however understand your annoyance! Good luck and keep warm! :)

  6. OMG! That's a lot of snow! Well I cant be an objective commenter here, as we rarely see snow in my town and when we do, we really go out and celebrate it (even if it's only a few snowflakes!). Hope that mother nature hears your prayers! :)