Jan 19, 2013

revamp your garden

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Revamp your Garden Ready for Spring!
Most of us are guilty of neglecting our gardens throughout the winter. It’s cold, it’s wet, and you don’t go out there anyway, so the weeds get left to grow and the discarded garden toys get left to rust.
The new year is a great time to get a head start on making your garden nice again. While it may very well be cold and wet outside, even an afternoon spent clearing the decks can ready your garden for a good overhaul come spring.
Now’s also a great time to start browsing for new garden furniture, if yours has seen better days. It’s easy to order garden furniture from ASDA Direct online, meaning that these bulky items will be delivered straight to your door.
Wait for a fine day, pull on those wellies and follow these easy steps to getting your garden ready for use once more:

1 – Clear the Decks
Hands up who didn’t put their garden toys or furniture away in the garage or shed through the winter? If you’re guilty of this then it’s likely that your items are looking a bit sorry for themselves. Decide what can be saved and what needs to be scrapped, take the offending items to the local recycling centre, then get your elbow grease on to get the rest looking presentable once more.

2 – Get Your Sweep On
Patio and decking areas will need a good sweep to clear leaves and other debris. Once clear, rain water is likely to be enough to give these areas a clean.
3 – A Quick Weeding
Don’t feel that you have to brave the elements and weed your entire garden – that can wait until the warm weather allows. However, if there are any obvious offenders, pull them up and get rid, you’ll feel much better for it!
4 – Plan Your Plants
If you’re planning to do something different with your garden this year then the planning stage is crucial. Websites and gardening magazines can help you to decide upon the best planting plan for you, your garden and the level of effort you’re willing to put into maintenance. 
5 – An Extra Room
It can help to think of your garden as an extra room to the house. If you haven’t used this ‘extra room’ to its full advantage in previous years, have a think about what would make spending time outdoors more appealing.
Having the right garden furniture is a big part of turning a garden into an extra room that you will enjoy using, so consider table and chairs for dining al fresco, sunloungers for enjoying the weather, and lounge type garden furniture for entertaining guests.
If you have little ones in the family, or ones that are likely to visit regularly, you’ll also want to stock up on garden toys for sunny days out in the garden. After all, if the kids are occupied then the grown-ups can relax!
Make sure that you have an outdoor space that you can enjoy this year – get ready for a 2013 garden revamp!
this sponsored post was brought to you by ASDA direct.

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