Feb 9, 2013

affordable find: modern flush mount light

restoration hardware's turner flush mount light

oxnard 2 light flush mount, available at home depot.

(thinking of buying a couple for my house!)


  1. My favorite kind of post! Thank you! Not sure if you know the builder-grade flush mounts better known as "boob lights?" Yay-we own six {embarrassing to admit}!

  2. I LOVE these!!! Stunning! May have to invest in some myself.

  3. Have you checked the specs, though? Finish is close (brushed vs satin nickel), and the diameters compare favorably--RH is 12" (or 15") vs Home Depot's 13", but the depth is way off--Home Depot says it has a depth of 13", while the RH is only 4.5". That might be a headbanger. But--Online the Home Depot version is only $40 when I pulled it up.