Feb 28, 2013

kitchen plans

i know i am SO far behind in posting about my house....i have just been so busy laying the hardwood floors with my husband and working that i just haven't had the time.

however, i did want to share the design drawings for the kitchen. we went with millbrook cabinet designs. they don't have a website (yet), but they have been amazing to work with and i have been really pleased with their service and craftsmanship. they are located in north salt lake.

for reference, here is the main floor plan of my house:

all of the surround cabinets will be painted swiss coffee by benjamin moore, and will be a simple shaker style cabinet like this:

here is the "side" wall of the kitchen...the long wall to the side of the island:
the bulk of this wall will be the freezer and refrigerator, and pantry. we decided to go for separate freezer and fridge units. we love the look of built-tins, but they were out of our price range. we managed to find these from kenmore at a really reasonable price:

the back wall will have the range, two windows and upper and lower cabinets. the tower on the left will
have open shelving. i thought about doing floating shelves, but ultimately decided that i liked the enclosed open shelves better.

the hood will be slanted slightly, so that i can put some art up there if i want. we are still on the hunt for an affordable 36" range.

and finally: the island: (and a side view of the hood)
the microwave will be under the counter...something i have never had before in a house. since that back wall is visible from the front door, i didn't want the microwave there. the island was the only place it would really fit. one of the things i am really excited about are the drawers under the sink, instead of standard cupboard doors! things have a tendency to get "lost" in my under-sink cabinet, so i am looking forward to items being more accessible.

the island is going to be a mix of painted wood and straight grain oak that will be wire brushed and wiped with a wash! i will be sharing more about that soon. i am REALLY excited to show y'all!

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  1. It's going to be gorgeous! the island sounds amazing! have you picked a wall color?

    1. i am thinking of going with white walls in the kitchen. there are so few walls, and the walls i have are very small and interrupted with doors and windows. i think going all white in this area will help provide some continuity. i WILL be painted all of the walls in the rest of the house a "color", though!

    2. Are you planning some sort of tile backsplash? If so you will have precious little wall in the kitchen that isn't covered in cabinets or tile so your idea of painting white for continuity is great.

      Is the dining area included in your proposed "white" area or will that get color?

      I really love seeing it all come together - it will be fabulous!

  2. YUM! It is looking delicious girl! I can't wait to see the finishing touches!

  3. I put our microwave under the counter behind doors, and I love that you can't see it, but it's accessible enough for everyone.

    Your kitchen looks like it will be so lovely!

  4. Love the seperate fridge and freezer units! And good to know that you're installing your hood at 36" above range. You're blog has been such a great resource for me since we're pretty much at the same stage in our house. Looking fantastic! Angela

  5. WOW! Soooo extremely jealous of your fridge/freezer! I have seen that kenmore separate freezer/fridge in a condo on a Christmas House Tour and it was then that my love affair with massive fridge/freezers began. Did you get the built in kit for it? We are currently in the process of renovating our kitchen (and just started a blog so our family/friends could follow along)but we spent months and months researching appliances. We ended up getting the capital culinarian 36" gas range. We found that capital's were the best bang for your buck and were rated amongst professional chefs are their top choice...same with Blue Star but those were a little out of our price range. We were lucky and got the capital on a floor model sale but I know they have a step below the culinarian that in a 36" size that is supposed to be just as good.

    1. yes! we are getting the trim kit...the drawing doesnt' show it though.
      and thank you so much for the info on the range! i would love to score a great deal on a floor model!

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