Feb 27, 2013

master vanity design in progress

since i knew i wanted the floor and shower in my new master bath to be a light marble, i decided pretty quickly that i wanted the vanity to be wood. i love the warmth that wood can bring to a space.
as a was looking around for inspiration, i turned to one of my favorite furniture designers--
the new traditionalists. 
they have the most beautiful pieces in their collection...pieces that are that perfect balance of traditional and modern.
here is a sampling:

 are you dying over the complete and utter gorgeousness of these??

here is the credenza that i used as inspiration for my vanity:

when i showed the pictures to my cabinet maker, he said it would be pretty expensive to duplicate, so he came up with the idea to make a simple, shaker style cabinet and then put a small piece of trim on the inside.

at first, he suggested an angular trim with a slight groove in it:

while i liked the way it softened the edge of the cabinet, i wasn't in love with it, so i asked if he could get some trim that had a softer, radius edge.

i liked that much better.

here are the two pieces next to each other for comparison:
i also asked if he could make the sides as slender as possible. i really like the delicate edges and detail on the credenza by the new traditionalists, and felt the proportions of the edges (rails) to the flat pieces (panels) would be improved this way.

here is a sketch of the vanity:

 i stopped by yesterday to check on a color sample for the island, and they had just completed the drawer fronts!
i am super excited to see them stained and seeing the entire vanity completed!


  1. oooh exciting! how much does a piece like this cost from a cabinet maker?

    1. i believe the cost of this vanity was in the $700-1000 range.

  2. We are getting a vanity made right now as well for a classic clawfoot tub/hex tile type of bathroom. Everything is white with some black accents and marble counter, so I was thinking wood too, but I want the weathered/antiqued finish like restoration hardware Maison collection. I'm curious to see what kind of finish you picked:)

    1. it will be a medium tones stain called "pecan" that deepens the tone of the walnut and helps bring the grain out.

  3. Oh my gosh...picture #2 rocks my socks. I would LOVE that piece in my room. So beautiful. Your vanity is going to be SO cool. Can't wait to see it, Autumn! Not many people have the ability to see a vanity out of a credenza. I love your ideas!

  4. Wow. What a beautiful selection! I can't wait to watch your house come together. It's going to be amazing!

    Now I'm off to pin everything from The New Traditionalist. ;-)

  5. Autumn, what kind of wood are you using?

    P.S., I have been a "lurker" for a long time, it's been so fun to watch your house come together!

    1. it will be walnut. such a pretty, dark wood with a wonderful grain!

  6. I LOVE it! It must be so much fun to design a vanity and then see the process of it coming together! Such an amazing opportunity

  7. looks beautiful already! Things are coming together!