Feb 4, 2013

construction progress weeks 13 + 14

here is what has been happening at house #6 the last 2 weeks:
there are two pocket doors in the house, and both frames were installed. (can you see the metal parts in the door opening of the mini office?  i know they are a little hard to see...) 

the MAIN thing that has been happening is dry wall!

besides the framing, nothing makes a bigger difference in a house under construction more than dry wall. this is when you can really get a sense of the size, shape and feel of each room.

here is a peek at a little special project in the master bedroom that i will be sharing more about later.

dry wall can be hung in cold weather, but in order to finish it, the house needs to have heat.
the heat was turned on in the house, which has completely changed the way the house feels...LITERALLY. it really feels like a HOUSE. we aren't all bundled up shivering as we walk though it. we can linger and talk and look out the windows, and really feel what it will be like to LIVE there. it's really exciting!

after the dry wall is hung, the corner bead is installed. then, a paper tape is laid over the seams and then mud is troweled on in thin sheets, and finally sanded smooth.
most new houses in the west have rounded corner bead, and textured ceilings, but we opted for square corner bead and smooth ceilings.

a look at the stairs over the last 10 days:

pre dry wall.

after the dry wall is up.

dry wall taped, mudded and partially sanded.

the last two weeks were also filled with meetings with the cabinet fabricator to layout the cabinet plans, trying to finalize carpet, selecting a color for the exterior of the house, a stain color for the front and back doors, and narrowing down choices for tile. it has been fun and exhausting!


  1. Wow, coming along nicely. I have dreams of building our own home, but while picking out the very last details of everything is nice, I can see how it would be mind boggling. Looking forward to see the progression.

  2. Such great updates! It is really coming together now. You are lucky to be able to choose square corners and smooth ceilings, wish I could have that in my home! Just curious what kind of texture, if any, did you pick for the walls?

    1. NO texture for the walls either. i am not a fan of textured walls. it is a personal preference, of course, but i have always liked the look of smooth walls and ceilings.

  3. This is so exciting!! Know that we are truly loving this journey you are sharing with us.

  4. You are right; the drywall phase is so exciting! When we built our first home I remember feeling like it should almost be done now! If I recall I think they say you are half done when the drywall team walks out. Thanks for sharing! -Tonya

  5. We're also in the process of building our dream house! We're actually overseeing the construction, so we have our hands on even on the smallest details. It's never easy to design and check the materials that you can use, but I know all the effort will be worth it. Anyway, I hope for the best in your house. Best wishes!