Aug 23, 2013

an ebay fairytale

(warning: this post is written in third person. i only warn you because i am still bothered by a speech karl malone (an NBA player for the utah jazz) gave over 14 years ago in which he referred to himself in third person the entire time...)

once upon a time there was a designer who loved pretty things. (yep. that would be me.) often, these pretty things were very, very expensive.
sadly, this designer was on a very tight budget. 
however, with some patience, and a knack for finding a bargain, she usually found something pretty for her castle that was also within her budget.

because this designer loved to find high-end items at a fraction of the cost, she often shopped on ebay. one morning, she noticed a lovely chandelier for sale. 
this one to be exact (but without the shades):

but instead of the usual $1000 price tag, the bidding on this beauty was starting at just $100.
"oh!" she exclaimed, "i had my eye on a different chandelier for my dining room, but this one is VERY lovely, and if i can get it for a decent price, i will be very happy indeed!"

the days passed, and she watched the auction with interest. she knew that if she REALLY wanted it, she might have to spend a few hundred dollars, but since the item was located in the kingdom where this designer lived, she could save the shipping fee if she drove and picked it up! plus, she had since grown very fond of this chandelier, and knew it would look perfect in her dining room.

the time for the auction to end was coming to a close...the designer watched with intensity on her magical tablet. (ha! you know you all feel that way about your iphones/ipads at times! admit it!)
with only 15 minutes to go, our heroine was still the high bidder, and the beautiful chandelier was still just over $100...

only 9 minutes to go, and her bid was still the highest!

4 minutes to go, and all is well!

oh no! someone else is trying to snag our designers amazing chandelier with just a few seconds left. evil ebay bandits!
(SO typical.)

oh, HARK!!
what is THIS? has our heroine won the auction??
and for only $211.50?
tis so! all is well! 
(she can be sneaky when it comes to online auctions, that designer...with a little help from

as soon as the designer was able to, she rushed to the nearby warehouse to pick up her beautiful and affordable prize! 
she placed it in her chariot and rode off into the sunset towards her castle.

she unpacked it and oohed and aahed at how pretty and perfect it was!
(and how cheap!)

soon, arrangements were made for the hideous temporary light to be removed, and the new and amazing chandelier to be hung in its place....

and here is the lovely chandelier, hanging proudly in the content and happy designers home:

oh, and just in case you were wondering... the designer lived happily ever after. 
(at least i believe she will!)

so, what do you think? do you believe in fairy tales?
have you ever scored an incredible deal on ebay?
do you think i should write a post on how to shop on ebay for designer goods?
let me know!


  1. That is gorgeous! And YES, I would love to see a post on eBay shopping. What a great find. And I'm dying to see where you use the wallpaper you instagrammed!

  2. That story made my day...YAY for you!!!

  3. I am so jealous! I bid on things all the time only to lose so congrats!! looks gorgeous above your table!

  4. Well told fair lady! Glad you won! I was nervous there for a second!

  5. All I can say is: FABULOUS!
    Love this fairy tale.

  6. Amazing find! It will look PERFECT in your space!

  7. Congrats on a beautiful fixture!! I, too, would love a post on shopping for designer items on eBay.

  8. Congrats on a beautiful fixture!! I, too, would love to see a post about how to shop for designer items on eBay.

  9. Hahaha...that was a great post, Autumn! I had a couple of faucets I'm needing for our master bathroom, and I didn't like the quoted price from a local showroom dealer. This story inspired me to Ebay...and I found my faucets for half the price of the dealer's quote. Thank you for sharing; and I LOVE your lighting. Makes me want to switch mine out inspite of having replaced mine with an awesome Anthropologie deal a couple of years back. :D

  10. Beautiful! Love the floors btw. Really good choice there!

  11. Oh for sure do a post on shopping secrets on ebay! That was story had such a great ending. Love the chandelier!

  12. I love a good fairy tale... they always have a happy ending!

    Great Post

  13. love love love it. And yes, please share your ebay secrets with those of us who live nowhere near Utah.

  14. Love!!!! I have been a follower for a year now & will be building my first home real soon (in Utah! Yay!!!) I would be forever grateful for eBay (or where to go in Utah) buying tips! Love your house, your style, everything.... thanks!

  15. Love!!!! I've been following you for over a year & I love your style, your home, everything! I will be building my first home soon (in Utah! Yay!!!) And would love buying tips (including where to go in Utah). Thanks!!!

  16. WHOO HOO!! Yay! I am so happy for you it looks great!

  17. its gorg! yes, tell us about ebay auctions please :)

  18. Lucky you! Such a good find! I'm all over craigslist, thrift stores, etc but haven't ventured much into ebay shopping-would be all ears if you had some tips!