Aug 27, 2013

new favorite thing: double tension shower rod

first of all, let me just state that--NO, gradys bathroom has NOT been painted yet.
i have thought about it at least 355 times since june, but i still have not taken the plunge.
this is due, in part, to me trying to spend as much time as possible with the kids before they went back to school (yesterday was the first day!). the other part is just sheer laziness. i just haven't made it a priority!

that being said, i am making p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s.
everything EXCEPT the paint is ready to go.
i shared my new design plan of this bathroom here, and one of the things i decided was that i wanted two separate, decorative shower curtains. i looked online to see if i could find a nice looking, double shower rod, and spotted one at bed bath and beyond.

i was going to order it online, but i decided to swing by my local store instead. luckily, they have one in stock, and so i brought it home and tried it out.

i am in love with this! it was really easy to install---it just went up like a normal tension rod. i actually think it was a tad easier because it was larger, and easier to keep lined up in the same place on both sides.

i placed mine right at the top of the shower tile.

 because the decorative panels have grommets tops, i did have to thread them onto the rod before tightening it into place. i put the rings for the curtain liner on after the rod was up.
because my panels are 84" long, i purchased an extra long (84") liner. i purchased this hotel fabric one because i want it to last for a long time, and want the option of washing it.

here it is!
i love that the shower is still totally functional, but the shower liner is hidden. i LOVE being able to see the tile in the shower, and feel that having the opening between the panels helps make the bathroom feel a little bigger.
*oh, and see??---the paint and all the supplies are just sitting patiently on the floor, waiting for me to get started. and i will. someday.


  1. That is a great idea! Where did you find the curtains?

    1. i found them at home goods! $25 for the pair. they look JUST like the ogee linen panels from west elm.

  2. Love it. Is the floor the Montauk black slate?

    1. yep!! it is. it turned out so well...such a simple classic look that i think is gorgeous. i paired it with "alabaster" grout from mapei

  3. Love it. Is the floor Montauk Black Slate?

  4. Love the floor-length on the curtains. totally adds to the polish and the drama!