Aug 25, 2013

The Steps you Need to Build Your Own Home (a guest post)

The Steps you Need to Build Your Own Home
Your home is the most important place in the world to you, and this is a place in which you will relax, unwind, socialise, eat, sleep, have fun and perhaps bring up a family, so it needs to be perfect. There are few things more satisfying in life than building your own home, and it also brings a lot of benefits too. This will give you an enormous amount of satisfaction and pride, and once it’s completed you will have an attachment to it that not many people get to feel towards their house. Of course building your home is no simple and straightforward process, and there is an enormous amount of planning, preparation, construction and plenty more to do.

The very beginning stages will involve finding a suitable location and having the blueprint designed, and this can be done with the help of an architect or engineer. You will be able to discuss with them your needs like the number of bedrooms and the layout, and they will then be able to take this information and come up with a suitable design. With the design and location arranged the next stages involve having the property surveyed and the footprint of the house identified, and you will then need to acquire the relevant permits for construction to begin. These permits will include a building permit and possibly a septic tank permit, electrical permit, plumbing permit and a mechanical permit, and this will all depend on local codes and zoning requirements.

Starting the Construction Work
That is all of the preparation taken care of, and now you can move onto the physical work. With the construction there is a large amount where you will probably want to use a trained professional, but there may be a fair amount that you can do yourself as well. A few of the trades that will be involved in the building of a home include site work, bricklayers, electricians, plumbers, insulators, painters, flooring installers and heating, ventilation and air conditioning installers amongst a few others.

With the building there will be an enormous amount of machinery and equipment that will be needed, and even if you seek the services of a professional you may need to provide this for them. This will include machinery like excavators and other construction machines, and for large items like this you will need to visit a specialist provider, Scot JCB being an example. The construction process will be a long and no doubt stressful one, but it will also be hugely exciting and satisfying too, and once you are completely finished you will have your brand new home which you designed and built, and there is no feeling in the world quite like this one.

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  1. Do you know how long it usually takes to get blueprints done? I would love to get the process started, but I need to make sure that it won't take a ton of time since my wife and I are both busy with work and the kids. However, we are willing to sacrifice to make sure we get what we want from the home we're going to build.