Aug 29, 2013

a visit to west elm

earlier this week, i popped in west elm for a visit.
this west elm is located in downtown salt lake city, and is in the new city creek center, across from the historic temple square.
if you have never been to a west elm, you need to make a point to pop in the next time you are in a city that has one!

i love the way they have the most items displayed by color. 
such eye candy!

 if you have only been shopping on west elm online, you might have missed their new "market" area--where they carry dishes, and all things related to housekeeping. their stuff is seriously chic. i found myself daydreaming about throwing out all of my mixing bowls, canisters, hot pads, and kitchen "gear" and starting from scratch.

i am a huge fan of west elm lighting! their items are so unique and look great in any space. they always manage to stock items that add an edge to a very traditional room, or add some softness to a very modern space.

one item that i am particularly taken with is their version of the "bed in a bag". they come pre-packaged in coordinating sets so you can just grab and go and know your bed will look great.
this pretty maize version comes with the sunburst duvet cover and polka dot sheets, and then you can throw on whatever accent you want.

the patterns are so pretty together!

  this chevron is another version of their "bed in a bag". the tiny pin-strip sheets are a great compliment to the bolder chevron duvet cover.

love their accessories!


the center of the store has this fun glass enclosure with a large floating branch....

 isn't this fun?
i love the bleached wood plank ceiling. wouldn't this treatment look amazing in a beach house?

here are the two accent pillows that we purchased for the college dorm room:
(the green velvet pillow  is actually darker and more, well...GREEN in person)

(sorry about the blurry pic!)

thanks for coming along!

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  1. West elm is such a fun store. There's one in Seattle, which is about 45mins away from me. I wish there was one a little closer. I love those mix of patterns in the bedding!