Jan 13, 2014

before/after: my back door

a quick before + after of my back door...
remember where i started?
(you can see my "action plan" post here)


 the new rug adds a little jolt of color and pattern, which i love...it also helps hide dirt!

 the door was painted benmajmin moors "onyx", my all time favorite black.

 the simple, matching art pieces add additional color and the gold frames add some warmth.

i plan on adding some horizontal trim banding on all of the kitchen walls, and may possibly change the color they are right now. the walls are currently "winds breath" and the trim and kitchen cabinets are "swiss coffee".
this is what i had in mind:

i spotted this treatment here, and have LOVED it ever since.

adding the wall trim is a bit of a "pandoras box" project---in order to add it, we also need to add the casings around the windows, and box in the cased openings in the living room so they look more like columns, AND add crown molding...so, it is a project that we may not tackle for several months. you can see a picture of the space right after we moved in here:

for now, i think just adding some art to the walls and getting some curtains up will add enough softness to the space to tide us over until we tackle the trim.
yay for progress!

oh, and if you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that i finally got the stenciled grasscloth project underway!

it turned out GREAT--i am just working on getting some pictures of the space, which is a bit of a challenge since my "regular" camera lens broke (is is just me, or does it seem like EVERYTHING electronic that belongs to me is having issues??), and the space is really small and has no natural light. i should have a post up in the next day or two!


  1. The door looks fantastic. Love the art you added too.

  2. Love it! It looks really polished. Is the Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore?

    1. yep! all colors are benjamin moore. i kinda have a crush on BM! :)

  3. lovely little update. i love quick projects like that...they add so much happiness to a little corner.

    1. totally agreed. even without the extra layer that trim will add (eventually), this little corner feels "done"!