Jan 10, 2014

design plan: wallpapered powder room

i worked with this e-design client on a whole house remodel--picking out flooring, paint colors, cabinetry and lighting. (yes! it IS possible to work with a designer remotely on a remodel or even a new construction project! these types of projects are my favorite! and honestly, hiring a designer will save you money in the long run and ensure you spend your money where it matters.)

the powder room was one of the last spaces we worked on, and is a great complement to the rest of the house--warm, rich, and textural with a punch of graphic pattern!

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  1. We're about to undergo a bathroom reno, and we've been wondering if planking is a good option if the bathoom will be used often. Is this a good option for a room that will be high in moisture? I love the look, and am hoping to over up the current wallpaper instead of removing/texturing/painting or re wallpapering. This is gorgous!

  2. thanks emily!
    i think that these walls will hold up beautifully in a bathroom....this bathroom won't get as much moisture because there is no shower or tub, but i think they would do well in a regular bathroom! this would be a great solution for covering up wallpaper or damaged and textured walls!