Jan 27, 2014

one week makeover: my girls bathroom

man, am i excited to get this room underway! i am going to try to have this room DONE in the next 7 days. yep.
ONE week.
so buckle up.

here is the room now:

as you can see, it is pretty bare. a LOT needs to happen in order for it to feel done.

up first:
*installing + painting crown molding
*adding a mirror(s)
*finishing base molding around linen closet door

once these two big items are finished, all of the yummy layers can be brought in:
*new shower curtain and custom cut wood valance for the tub
*add towel rings

here is the design board that i designed for the room:

you may note that i decided to go with the bolder wallpaper
there were two main reasons for this:

1. this space is small, and it is a room for teen girls. i thought the bolder print was a tiny bit more cheeky and fun. plus, there are plenty of openings on the wall and there will be three large pieces of art on the largest wall to break up the pattern.
2. that is the one that my girls prefer.

wish me luck!
i will be posting progress updates on instagram, if you want to follow me!


  1. I can see the space is going to look wonderful with the choices you've made. Really looking for to seeing if you make it in 7 days!

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