May 9, 2014

uncommon goods gift ideas

doesn't it seem that as soon as the leaves start budding and the flowers start blooming that there is an avalanche of birthdays, holidays (ahem, ahem, mothers DAY?) and weddings that require a thoughtful gift?  sure, gift cards can be nice, but for good friends i always like to put a little more thought into a present. one place that i often turn to for unique gifts is uncommon goods. i have used many or their quirky and whimsical clocks (one of may favorites is here) and accessories in my room designs, and they also have a tremendous selection of jewelry and art, as well as gifts for the garden, office, pet, entertaining and even games!

here are a few picks that are sure to please those wonderful women in your lives!

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be sure to check out uncommon goods for more gift ideas for all those ALL special people (and pets) on your list that require a thoughtful and unique gift.

happy shopping!
this post was sponsored by uncommon goods


  1. I've been a fan of Uncommon Goods for several years: so unique and unusual, I agree!
    And happy Mother's Day!!

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  3. Some great ideas here! We also have a great range of gift ideas including those random and unique out of the box ideas :-)