May 12, 2014

e-design after: sonoma valley vacation home

over the years i have beed blessed to work with so many amazing clients. each client brings a personal perspective and vision for their space and assiting them to reach that vision is what i love about my job. each experience is new. each client is unique.

some clients are paralyzed with fear, and need and want a LOT  of help. they want a design, presented to them, which they can follow to the "t" and be assureed a great outcome.

other clients need general guidance and ideas that they can run with. they benefit from having a trained professional tell them "go for it!" having someone talk them through possible improvements in their room opens their eyes to possibilities and gives them a fresh perspective.

other clients just need...nudges. they need what i like to call "back-up". they already know what they want and just need a little guidance to get there.

this beautiful home is the investment property of a repeat client of mine. she and her husband have been dreaming about acquiring a retreat property like this for many years, and when the timing was right, they jumped on board. the home did not need major remodeling, but it did need a more pulled together and updated look, and all new furnishings and light fixtures.

she hired me as her "back-up'...i sourced lighting and furnishings, we consulted on furniture placement, window treatments, paint colors and trim details. we bantered about where to place art, the different feel of each room, and how to give the space the updated, casual vibe she wanted.

oh, and did i mention she was on a budget? 
almost ALL of the furnishings were sourced from the following places:
-world market
-pier 1
-decorators best
we also managed to score a few things on clearance at restoration hardware.

who wouldn't want to spend a leisurely weekend here?

and, for reference, some before pictures:

(the fireplace had to be removed)

if you are interested in staying at this home, and for more pictures, you can visit the listing on VRBO!


  1. WOW, just wow! What a perfect rustic setting. So many amazing textures, and great rooms. I love the modern and glam touches. This is what a perfect cabin should look like! Great job!

  2. Amazing! Your choices really bring out the best features of this property. :) Two questions - where is the fun black US map artwork from? Also, the metal and glass side table in the same room? Thanks! Lindsey

    1. the map art is from world market and the side table is from ballard designs.

  3. Spectacular job! Especially with the windows, which are the most integral, as those determine ventilation, lighting and ambiance. It's not the visual aspect you'll need to approach and study, but the whole set-up and layout of it with respect to the structure of a building and a room. Those are good pegs on how the window treatments should be done, either in a DIY sort of way, or through paid help.

    Greg Arnett @ Sunburst Shutters Arizona

  4. How handsome!!! Love the bird reflection in the bathroom mirror. Great job!