Sep 7, 2014

affordable find: modern brass pendant

sometimes, all you have to do is wait for a good thing.
let me explain....
i have two empty plates on the ceiling over my island, waiting for some incredible pendants. i have had my eye on the goodman pendant every since we started building our house, nearly 2 years ago. at a whopping $800+ each though, i just haven't taken the plunge and purchased them. 

i always thought that the profile of the goodman pendant was SO simple...and wondered why someone wasn't manufacturing a knock off! patience paid off!

medium goodman handing lamp
circa lighting

morgan pendant
ballard designs

my house, just after we moved in last summer:

i still haven't decided to go with the knock off for SURE....there are a few features of the goodman pendant (that chain of one!) that i am pretty in love with. but, purchasing the morgan pendant would save a LOT of money. agh! decisions, decisions....

happy shopping!!

1 comment:

  1. I would wrap the chain of the affordable find in jute rope or twine. Give it a Restoration Hardware feel :)