Sep 24, 2014

design plan: living room with pops of navy + chartreuse

today i wanted to share a design plan for a client who opted to add a design board to a pinterest board + phone consultation. adding this option is really well worth it if you struggle to picture how elements in a room will work together!

a lot of people struggle with mixing tan + gray. 
or silver + brass.  
or dark wood with weathered wood. 
or mirrored furniture and pieces that are more masculine.

i think that interesting and welcoming spaces almost always have a mix of colors, textures, metals, and wood tones. don't you?

this client wanted updated, kid-friendly spaces, and wanted a dash of blue + green, more storage,  and some bold, graphic elements.

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  1. fun color palette! and, love the little x detail in all the patterns you chose!

    1. thank you! don't you love those odd little details that can help a room feel more pulled together?

  2. Looks great Autumn, I love navy and chartreuse together!

  3. I love using style boards to lay out my design! Especially those that are hard to envision! Your room looks great!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

    1. so true! style boards are such a useful tool! i even use them when i am working on rooms in my own home! hope life is treating you well! ;)