Sep 11, 2014

3 easy (and cheap) accessory transformations

i don't consider myself particularly crafty, but i SO enjoy pulling off a simple, easy DIY project...especially when it yields funky, unique results that save me some serious money.

first up, this super easy crystal  topped lacquered box.
if your idea of a DIY project includes more clicking than gluing, this is the project for you!

the box is from the container store, and cost $20.
the $4 epoxy can be purchased at just about any store that has a hardware section.
the crystal cluster is the only item that took a little hunting. it is from ebay, and i purchased it (including shipping) for $14. 

it was simply as easy as gluing the crystal onto the box!


this box currently lives in my mini office, on top of a stack of books, and i have to say...i kinda love it. uh LOT.

 next up....
two thrift store finds that i bought because i loved how quirky and unique they were.

the winged pig was pretty adorable, but the pink color and the large  advertisement on the side had to go. i wanted to keep the gold parts, so i taped the wings, feet and ears to mask them, and then gave the whole thing a few coats of glossy black spray paint.

 after removing the tape, i did some touch up with a black pen...

and, here she is, standing guard over some storage boxes in my office!

for the lion, i really liked the crown on his head, but wanted the rest of him to feel more simple.

i taped off his crown, gave him a coat of gold spray paint, and then i gold leafed him.
look how regal and shiny her looks now!

to see more pictures of my office, click here!

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  1. I love making chic and stylish home accessories, and these are Awesome!! And the gold leaf finish is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!