Sep 20, 2014

before + after: e-design neutral living room (the power of an hour)

it has been a while since i have posted before and after pictures from an e-design. 

one of the great things about the e-design process is that it allows you to have a PLAN for your room, but to move forward as your budget and free time for projects like painting allows.

here are some BEFORE pictures of my clients room:

what my client was struggling with:
*furniture layout. 
*the off center fireplace
*a tight budget, needing to keep all exiting furniture, and for now, the ceiling fans

she opted for the pinterest board + phone consultation and added a deign board, which i posted recently:

what we talked about during our hour conversation:
*moving the furniture so that two zones were created---a seating zone and a desk/secondary seating area zone
*adding a rug to anchor the seating area
*moving the television opposite the fireplace to create a sense of balance
*adding a wall of storage units from ikea to hide cables, games, etc.
*using the two existing chairs together with a table in between opposite the couch
*painting the base of the exiting table gold to update it
*replacing the curtains and hanging the rods wider and higher
*adding a desk behind the sofa, and two matching chairs for an additional seating area
*painting the walls a less gold tone
*adding texture and pattern with pillows

my clients worked pretty fast to get their room in shape! i received some update/progress pictures in late july, and then some "pretty much done" pictures last week!

 the new layout creates two distinct zones in the room, which help the room feel more cohesive and just makes better sense!

before, this part of the room felt odd and "left out" of the seating and tv viewing area. now, it is a useful, separate space.

the new furniture arrangement also helps draw attention away from the off-center fireplace, and creates a more useful seating arrangement.

we kept the exiting chairs, but paired them with a a new table.

the new rug anchors the rearranged seating area.

these besta storage units from ikea provide tons of storage. we dressed them up with some oversized ring pulls.

the table was updated with some gold spray paint.

one "splurge" was a this kelly wearstler pillow. it provides a lot of visual interest in the room, so we felt it was worth it!

interested in working together to make a room (or rooms) in your home more functional and beautiful?
email me at and lets get started!

have a great weekend!


  1. Impressive! The changes are dramatic and I know they are thrilled with the results!

    1. thanks kimberly!
      yep--they are pretty thrilled...and are currently saving up to work on the next room! :)

  2. I can't even believe that is the same space with the same furniture. Awesome job.

    1. i know, right? i kinda love it when i see the "before" pictures and just KNOW that a few tweak here and there will make a HUGE difference!

  3. What a difference! Great plan and the implementation is fab. I'm still slowly working on the design board you created for me for my family room. If I ever get far enough with it, I'll forward some pics!

    1. yes!! please! after pictures are the BEST! let me know if you have any questions as you continue to make progress. :)

  4. I see the answer to my TV question! :) Looks fabulous! And that rug did wonders. I may have to hire you for our family room, which has me similarly puzzled with the furniture arrangement. I noodle over it probably every day, and I still can't come up with a decent solution.

    1. thanks sarah! my clients are pretty amazing for pulling off the "vision" i had for their space! its always a struggle to layout the furniture in some rooms, but i would love to work with you to see if we can come up with a solution for your challenging space!

  5. You have taken a similar Idea I had to add oversize ring pulls to my Vesta and have brought it to LIFE!!!!!! it looks amazing, you must provide us with details on how you installed and where you purchased them. I cant ever seem to find any big enough for mines.

    1. aren't those ring pulls awesome? i have the same ones on my master bedroom vanity, and i just love them! they are from "look in the attic .com"

  6. Looks great!
    I was wondering where the rug was purchased?