Oct 1, 2015

design plan: family room with accents in lime + teal

sometimes, color is just the right addition to perk up a neutral space:

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PS: these consultations make amazing christmas gifts! yes....i just said christmas. and it's the first day of october!


  1. Tha'ts what I love about a neutral background!! So easy to change the look!!!

  2. I like the the color of your pillow covers... very refreshing
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  3. You have combined creative design with originality.Whole renovation plan is awesome.Well done.In case you may need them, here are some wonderful small bathroom ideas which you can exercise to get even better results.

  4. I don't think they are suitable for the Christmas gifts unless they have patterns like snow, deer, or bells.
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  5. this Lugli family room is amazing, I love these stuffs for the home
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