Oct 15, 2015

one room challenge week 2: the plan

week 2 of the one room challenge is underway. i am making some progress on decisions.

now that i have committed to getting this area done in the next few weeks, i have been getting nervous about getting the cabinets made and installed. no kidding---i have emailed my cabinet fabricator 4 times in the last 5 days. i think he gets the hint that i am READY for those drawings.
i still don't have them yet, and i feel like i am sprouting grey hairs waiting around...

here is the design plan for the area:

i love to pull together these plans for clients, and always make one for rooms i am designing in my own home. for me, having a visual guide for a room helps me finalize finishing touches, and motivates me to complete the project!

the mudroom PLAN:

*add a seating/storage built-in (the longer leather pulls will be installed on the lower drawers, and the leather pulls will be on the upper cabinets)

*add planking. i am considering a "random" look to the panels.

*adding grasscloth to the ceiling. i scored some ralph lauren herringbone grasscloth wallpaper about year ago on ebay, and i am hoping i have enough!

* adding some art. still up in the air about size, style, color...

*adding shelling to the closet, along with the bird wallpaper. i have been in love with that wallpaper for a while, and i like the idea of getting a little rush of happiness when i open that cam closet.

laundry room PLAN:

*add cabinets with some great hardware

*add counter. i am hoping to find a rem ant of a black veined marble, but i will settle for some honed absolute black granite.

*install a backsplash. this might be one of the items that doesn't happen happen due to time and money.

*add a roman shade

*install some trim to the ceiling in an "x" detail

*get a new light.

if anyone want my cabinet guys email, so that you TOO can bug him about getting those drawings to me, let me know! he might need a little more email motivation! ha! i'm only kidding. (or AM i?)

you can see pictures of the space in my week 1 post here


  1. What a lovely plan! I replaced a clients' boob light in their foyer with that exact same light fixture, they love it.

  2. Ummm love! Love love love. All the elements. It's gonna rock.

  3. I love your design plan! I am also doing our laundry & mudcloset, & even looked at the leather pulls before deciding that I didn't want to put in the effort to fill, sand, and paint the extra hole from the current pulls in my cabinets 😉
    I'm looking forward to seeing your finished room!

  4. Beautiful design! Can you share where the rug and light fixture in your mudroom are from? Thank you!