Oct 22, 2015

one room challenge, week 3: cabinet plans

week 3 of the one room challenge...this is always the week where you realize you better GET SOME STUFF DONE if you're going to make the deadline!

i finally got some preliminary plans from the cabinet fabricators!
the spaces are pretty small, and i have definite ideas of what works for our family.
in order to best communicate the changes i needed, i sent a revised copy of the plans with some notes and images. when communicating with sub contractors, it always helps to provide not only specific dimensions, (or a range of acceptable dimensions), and some pictures that show what you are looking for.

here are the changes/notes i sent:

 the ceilings on the main floor of my house are 9 feet. i want there to be some breathing room on top of the cabinets, and so i asked that they NOT be brought up to the ceiling. i think it will help the space feel a bit less claustrophobic. another reason i decided to lower the cabinets was because the light fixtures in both spaces are centered....if i brought the cabinets all the way up to the ceiling, the lights would feel off center.

i have placed some orders for most items, and should have most all of the components by next week!

still waiting to see some revised drawings, but with my notes, and pictures, they should be a pretty quick turn around.


  1. love your plans! we just had a cabinet in our laundry room converted to a pullout bin with two hampers. now my laundry is out of sight but sadly not out of mind :) cant wait to see what you bought.