Jun 25, 2012

client house-another peek

i have been checking in with ya'll about this house for a long time...(i need to get some REAL
pictures taken of the house--like by a REAL photographer, i just haven't made the time to do it yet.
i promise that when i do, i will share them here PRONTO.
in the mean time, enjoy a few snapshots that i took:

the kitchen

close-up of backsplash tile



mudroom floors

deciding on pillows....

happy monday!
i am spending today packing to go out of town. isn't it funny no matter how early you start packing and getting things ready to go on a vacation, it seems that the last few hours are always spent scrambling around, packing + trying to remember everything you will need, asking neighbors to wheel your trash can out to the curb, trying to find pet-sitters, going to the post office to hold your mail, and making sure there is nothing in the fridge that is going to be too *scary when you return.
wish me luck!


  1. Gorgeous! I am in love with those light fixtures. Have a great vacation!

  2. It looks so amazing, loving the backsplash, the cork floors are to die for.

  3. looks great! love the mosaics on the fireplace surround!

  4. LUV it all...especially the kitchen. Can you tell me the height of the kitchen walls?

    PS on holding your mail-did you know you can go to USPS.com to hold your mail? you just zip in the dates and pay them $1. Totally worth the fee.

  5. I'm loving the fireplace surround as well. We bought our house a couple years ago and have always hated the brown "wall"-- orangey brown built-ins, plus smooth brown tiles around the fireplace. My husband won't let me paint the built-ins, but these mosaic tiles would help so much! Would you mind sharing sourcing?

  6. I am DYING over those pendants in the kitchen! They are absolutely gorgeous. Would you mind sharing the source? Great work on all of these rooms.

  7. What an amazing place!Looks tidy and sweet!The floor is my favorite!