Jun 18, 2012

making progress: an e-design family room

a couple "before" pictures of a family room that i worked on:
the issues with the room:
*there was no storage in the room for tv components.
* the furniture layout felt too "wide" and blocked a doorway to a small office
*the leather sofas needed to be replaced
*the homeowner wanted to bring in some more pattern and color
*the ceiling fan wasn't needed, and the client wanted it removed.

a couple of i-phone progress pictures:
*we had a built-in designed for the side of the fireplace to house the tv components and provide additional storage. the walls were painted a soft blue, to balance out all of the neutral tones.

a new pottery barn sectional was added, as well as a large leather ottoman and a side chair....

the new rug provides some pattern and color, and side tables and pillows are slowly being added...

there is still some additional work to do on the room, but that is one of the beautiful things about the
e-design progress...once you have the design plan, you can buy things as quickly or as slowly as you need! 
this client ordered most everything in the first few weeks after receiving her design plan, but while some items were received quickly, and other items have taken months to arrive. one item in particular has been on back order for over two months!
i will be sure and share some additional progress pictures as this room comes together...


  1. I'm always amazed by your e-design! Nice work!

  2. That rug is amazing! I love how it brings the room together!

  3. Looks great so far! The rug does make an amazing difference pulling all the colors together and really grounding the room.

  4. Love the leather ottoman!

  5. Love the room, great job! Love the leather ottoman as well- is it from overstock?

  6. What a sweet house!Love the rug!It's adorable!Everything is amazing!